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Getting the Right Frame Size for Our Pictures

For anyone’s life, pictures or photographs are an indispensable part. They are witnesses to special events that we have celebarated in life with friends, family, and golleagues.

They also capture special moments in our lives whether visiting foreign lands during an adventurous trip, or graduating from school, or even just spending good times with loved ones.

While most of our photos are kept and preserved in several photo albums (or maybe on your computer), there are some pictures that are simply too good to keep hidden away from everyone’s view.

These pictures, we proudly show off in picture frames. What are the Standard Picture Frame Sizes that we can choose from? How do we make the right selection?

Getting a Picture Frame

When considering what kind of picture frame to get, more than the design and material of the frame, what we should first focus on is the size of the frame.

Standard Picture Frame usually available in five sizes: 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20.

These Standard Picture Frame Sizes are measured in inches. What we should keep in mind when looking for the right picture frame size is that the measurements are the actual size of the photos and not the frame itself as there is usually a border that comes with the frame.

The borders are not meant to be considered when we are choosing standard picture frame size, rather than the actual space where we will be inserting or placing the photo.

In some other countries, there are other frame dimensions which are likewise considered as Standard Picture Frame Sizes. These include four by ten; five by five; eight by eight; and twenty by twenty-four – still all measured in inches.

Some of these Standard Picture Frame Sizes also come in additional half-inch sizes so we’d best check what photo dimensions we have printed out.

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Other Considerations

There are two additional thing that we need to consider, which are the flexibility of the frames (either horizontally or vertically), and panoramic frames for wide-shot photos.

On the other hand, we will not be hard-up on finding these standard picture frames as these are readily available on the internet if we can’t locate them in regular land-based stores.

By browsing online, we can easily get access to several excellent picture frames and order them online. Once we have received our delivery, we can immediately set-out to place our photos in the frame and display them in plain view for everyone to see and enjoy.

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Picking the Right Bed Size

Since we will be spending most, if not all, of our sleeping hours on our beds, we should be very thorough when it comes to choosing beds. Since this is where we will be resting our weary bodies after a full day’s work or of running around doing chores and taking care of children, we need the most comfortable bed that we can afford.

Purchasing beds is not as simple as getting the first one that we like. We must pay attention on several elements: Bed Size Dimensions, materials used, the right mattress and the strength of bed.

Beds and Bed Dimensions

There are several Bed Size Dimensions that we can choose from and to be able to tell which one will best suit us, but we need to first measure the allocated space for the bed.

While a big bed will be more comfortable as we have more space to move around when we sleep, fitting it in a cramped room won’t be a good idea as we won’t be have enough space to walk around with ease.

Bed sizes may come in following sizes:

  • Twin – 39 by 75 inches
  • Full – 54 by 75 inches
  • Queen – 60 by 80 inches
  • King – 76 by 80 inches
  • California King – 72 by 84 inches

There are still many other variations of bed sizes in other parts of the world but these are basically the traditional sizes of beds.

These bed sizes will help us choosing the appropriate mattress and sheets.

If we want to learn more about beds and bed sizes, there are a lot of resources available on the internet. Online, we can find some helpful tips on how to choose our beds; and also how to know the exact measurements of each bed type so we’ll readily know the kind of bed that will fit into our bedroom.

Few handy resources on bed dimensions:


Other Uses For Beds

Bed can also serve as a storage area for items we want to keep in the bedroom. The space under the bed may be used to keep small items in a box; books or even socks.

A twin bed can also be used as a couch in a studio-type residences. This saves space and is actually a workable solution to having our guest somewhere to sit on.

We can simply replace the sheets when we want to convert the bed into a couch and place throw pillows instead of our regular pillows used for sleeping.

Trundle beds may also come in handy when we have a friend staying over and another extra bed is needed. For this type of bed, the is an extra pull-out bed (which is under the main bed. These beds size usually comes in twin sizes.

We have to remember that a good bed should last us about eight to ten years when we have considered every essential factor in choosing the right bed for us. This will be helpfull in helping us make the right choice on the kind of material used for the bed to ensure that it is sturdy enough to stand the test of time.