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A Background On How To Make Jewelry

People have been putting on and making jewelry for thousands of years.  Much of the longest lasting jewelry to be found dated is from Africa and dates back to over 40,000 years ago. Since then jewelry has been a part of our society throughout time starting from this original date in Africa to the early Egyptians, the Romans and the Greeks up to our modern-day society.

Humans have been making jewelry to enhance themselves from top to bottom with things such as tiaras, crowns and ear rings all away down to toe rings and anklets and everything in between.  Literally from head to toe. 

Jewelry making has also been done with various types of materials. Everything from wood beads and the most expensive metals  all away to diamonds and gold. These days much of the jewelry made for trade purposes is hemp jewelry, wire jewelry and bead jewelry.

 Jewerly has come to serve many roles over time. It has been used for wealth display and storage in it’s role as currency, for more functional roles such as clasps, pins, buttons and buckles and as a symbol of membership or status, protection in the form of amulets and magical wards and for artistic display.  To some extent jewelry is still use for many of these items even today.

It is also fasinating that jewelry and jewelry making can be found in every place from the poorest countries all the way to some of the wealthiest places on the planet such as Beverly Hills, the French Riviera, New York, and Morraco.

An entire soho business has grown up around making jewelry. If you go to any craft show or any place else where artists congregate I’m sure you will see some form of jewelry on display that has been made by hand.

There really is nothing that can be as rewarding as making your own jewelry or starting a small jewelry business on the side.