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Big Problems With Cheap Scrapbooking And How You Can Beat Them – Part 1

Folks have given cheap scrapbooking a bad name during the past couple of years. Many people turn up their nose when the subject is brought up and its quickly dismissed. After having seen so many albums work out so well with no need to spend a huge amount, I decided now is time to tackle the issues that some folks have when putting together an album on the cheap.

No Spare Materials

This is a lie that has been conjured up in somebody’s imagination. You’ll find that there is always spare material for cheap scrapbooking, some people simply do not believe that they have any materials anywhere.

Cast your mind to your closets, spare rooms and garages. Whats in those boxes? Whats sitting around on the bottom shelf or in a pile in a room that doesn’t get used. If somebody thinks they have no spare material – they are not looking hard enough. A bit of searching will turn up a load of cheap scrapbooking supplies.

Each house I have been into has a tiny area stacked with things that they are not using but just can’t bear to put in the bin or might use at a later time . Well, now is that time – and there’s a good use for it!

No Time

While this is an individual thing, its still something that can influence your scrapbooking as a whole. It seems that time is at a premium these days . Between work, home and family the available time for yourself seems to be continually shrinking.

Your best bet is to find an out of the way place, a spare room or a corner in a room that is less used than others and set up your scrapbooking workspace there. You will be surprised by how much additional time you get when you are out of view .

The following article will be focusing on the results of your cheap scrapbooking efforts and how to get the very best outcome from each album.

Till then, happy scrapping!

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Simple Ideas For Creating Scrapbooking Tags

Scrapbooking tags have long been a wonderful way to add unique notes to a page in a way that creates new life and interaction to the layout.

They also are a very cheap scrapbooking technique that can be a no-brainer to make. In this article we’ll be taking a look at a few easy methods to create tags, what to write on the tags, and a few different locations to put them on your page.

Making Tags

Tags are more often not much more than a petit rectangular piece of card, with a ribbon attached, and that is all yours can be be too.

But, if you want to spruce them up just a bit more you can do that also. For a nicer looking border, cut out a section of card that’s the same shape and a little bit bigger than the tag itself and attach it to the back of the tag using double sided tape. You may also add small embellishments like buttons, stickers, charms and other nick nacks to personalise them further.

Writing on Tags

Typically the content that gets written on tags are short notes about the photographs, such as what’s going on or what occurred before/during/after the event, and occasionally they’re yet another place to add a page title. Nevertheless, they are a great and thrifty way to liven up a page

Placing Tags on the Page

There are three common places that I love to add tags to a layout.

  1. Behind photographs are quite a neat place to place tags. If the photograph is only mounted to the page from the corners you can simply slide the tag underneath leaving ribbon or tassel exposed.
  2. You may also make the tag itself a feature of the page by making a special place for it. For example, the string on the tag could be attached to the page with a brass fastener or looped around a sewn on button and left to dangle.
  3. Eventually you could create a special pocket on the page and tidily place the tags into the pocket.

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2 Cheap Scrapbooking Tricks Guaranteed To Look Great ‘And’ Save You Money!

The satisfaction of making a scrapbook with the realization that you have done so with a minimal cost can be such a wonderful feeling, particularly when it makes your girl friends and families jaws drop in awe by how good it looks. I mean this is how scrapbooking is meant to be-is it not? Weren’t early scrapbooks exactly that – books full of scraps?

Of course they were, and the fact that you can purchase so many materials from shops does not mean that you have to in order to make it look special and stunning.

So in this article I’d like to share with you two easy to follow and very cheap scrapbooking methods for making inspiring scrapping effects, namely – paper cutout embellishments and old parchments.

Paper Cutout Embellishments

Paper cutouts are possibly the most simple and cost-effective (yet most eye catching) kinds of embellishments that you can use, and you can make them yourself very quickly. All that you need to do is find a picture in a magazine or on the web of something topical to your photo (such as a ‘bath tub ‘ if you’re scrapbooking a picture of you child having a good time in the bath) and then trace around the outline of the picture onto another piece of paper or card.

You may then take a different coloured piece of card (for highlighting) and trace around some of the finer features of the picture, in this example the rim of the bath and the legs.

All that you need to do now is cut round these shapes and stick them together with double sided tape (one on top of the other). Simple huh?

Ancient Parchment look

When scrapbooking an historic page, you can make your journalling sections look like there’re written on ancient parchment. To try this just tear round the edges of some card, then smudge the chalk around the torn edges. And finally, distress the edges by rubbing them, ripping, and folding them back around the corners and edges.

This technique creates a great effect with all kinds of different colors of chalk and card, however the ancient parchment look in particular looks best with brown colours.

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Cleverly Cheap Scrapbooking Ideas Using Puzzles!

Scrapbooking embellishments in many cases are the difference between an average layout and a superb one. The difficulty though, is that the cost of these tiny trinkets can add up extremely quickly when you get them from a shop.

So in this article I would like to show you one of my fave cheap scrapbooking tips using an item that you already have around the house – jigsaw puzzles! Almost everybody has a puzzle or 2 just gathering dust, so here are three methods to put them to some good use in your scrapbooks.

Photograph Frame

First off assemble a piece of your puzzle to match the shape and size of the photograph you’ve chosen for your layout. Most often this is a square or rectangle, however you may make it a rounder shape if you want.

Then, meticulously take away the pieces from the centre, leaving a boarder that is one row of puzzle pieces thick. You can now place the puzzle border over the top of your photograph and attach it to your page.

Page Boarder

Much like the photo frame boarder, you can apply the same methodology for making page boarders. You’ll just need to assemble more of the puzzle, and likely run a line of sticky tape along the back to hold it all together.

Featured Embellishment

The basic concept behind this method is to use a area of the puzzle that has a picture in it, and not the boarder. So like the two techniques above, assemble a section of the puzzle with a picture in it that you would like to use.

It might be an aeroplane, a kitten, or possibly even a barbie doll. When you have finished making the puzzle section, flip in over and once more place some sticky tape on the back to hold it all together.

You can now place the puzzle picture in your layout the same way as any other embellishment.

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Cheap Scapbooking Around The House

When I trade cheap scrapbooking tips with my girlfriends there is one thing that often pops up. It seems that many people feel it to be quite hard.

A lot of them like the concept of using supplies they already have, however when get stumped with what to actually use, they customarily turn to buying a few pieces from a store. And before they know it, they have purchased a massive bunch of new items for their album at a much larger cost.

So to help to avoid this, I have laid out some simle places in your place you can search for some scrapbooking items.

The Spare Room

This should probably be the first port of call for someone looking to save cash scrapping. It will get the most gains for the least amount of work, and best of all – you may not even have to go another room to source supplies.

Nearly each home I have been to has a room or at least a corner, cupboard, shed, garage or book shelf that is storing stuff that people are not actually going to use anymore.

So it’s an excellent place to begin.

The Stationery Cupboard

This is not necessarily a cupboard, it could be a drawer, box, shelf or anything really. It is the area where each household stores their pens, pencils, extra paper, envelopes, wrapping paper and any number of supplies.

Using stationery is a good way of filling in blank spaces, creating backgrounds for your layouts, backings for pictures and adding a little bit of colour and flair to your albums.

The Garden Shed

The yard shed is superb for finding more rough materials. Here you’ll find stuff like additional pieces of paints, plaster, woodchips wood, and metal filings. While they are rather rough and textured materials, they can truly add some flavour and coarseness to an album – if that’s the look you are going for.

There are a lot of places you can search around your home for cheap scrapbooking items – and I’m sure there are a bunch of places in your home that I haven’t covered that you could search.

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