These Three Major Canadian Crypto Exchanges Announce Merger

WonderFi (WNDR), Coinsquare and CoinSmart as a combined entity will have a total of 1.65 million users and more than $600 million in assets under custody.  On Monday, April 3, three Canadian crypto exchanges – WonderFi (WNDR), Coinsquare and CoinSmart – announced their plan for a merger thereby creating the country’s largest regulated crypto trading … Read more

Alibaba Shares Up 12% after Firm Unveils Major Restructuring

The Alibaba growth sentiment has spread to the entire Chinese sector with the shares of other competing firms soaring following the news. The shares of Chinese multinational e-commerce and tech giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (HKG: 9988) is trading at a very high growth rate today as the company said it is restructuring its business … Read more

Alibaba to Split into 6 Business Groups Capable of Individual IPO as Company Prepares for Major Restructuring

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has confirmed plans to split into smaller groups to allow each one pursue independent IPO. Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA) recently announced plans to split into 6 business units, each capable of pursuing an IPO. According to the Chinese e-commerce giant, the move seeks to “unlock shareholder value and foster market … Read more

Is Credit Suisse Next in Line for Turmoil after Major Backer Halts Funding?

The firm’s Chairman Axel Lehmann declined to comment on whether it will need assistance from the government in the future, he highlighted that the bank has no problems as it has good return capital ratios. With the banking industry in the United States currently experiencing financial strain, there may be a trickle-down to Europe where … Read more

Crypto Funding Turns from CeFi to DeFi Following Major Collapses

According to the report, the numbers prove that Decentralized Finance is the new high-development and growth area for the crypto space. The report also suggested that a dip in Centralized funding projects was seen because of a possible saturation in the sector. Virtual asset investment companies have invested more than $2.7 Billion into decentralized finance … Read more