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You Could Lower Electric Bills And Tension By Selecting Viridian

Make The Switch To Viridian

A lower electric bill in NJ is the pot of gold under the rainbow for people trying to save money in today’s hurting economy. Simple, effective tips can help you lower your electric bill, and there are tons of things that you can do. New electricity providers like Viridian in New Jersey are allowing people to choose a more efficient and earth-friendly alternative to their traditional providers. However, not everyone’s area has seen electric deregulation yet, so many are stuck with their current providers. There are many other ways you can reduce your energy bill without having to alter your lifestyle at all, and by making a few simple changes, you can make your home more environmentally friendly and save a little money in the process.

If you want a lower electric bill, your home’s lights are a good place to start. By just getting in the habit of turning off your lights when you leave a room, you can save a lot on your electricity bill. Also, make the effort to reduce the amount of time you use lights in your home. Open the window shades during the day and let the natural light in. Not only is it free, but it also is a softer, more agrarian source of light. Installing dimmers on your indoor lights allows you to only use the exact amount of light you need at a time. Invest in light bulbs with a lower wattage, or switch your light bulbs out altogether for the more efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs, which last 13 times longer than normal light bulbs and are 25-33% more efficient.

Reduce the time you use your electrical appliances to get a lower electric bill NJ. Only use the washer machine if it’s full, and the same goes for the dryer. Even better, hang your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer. Use cold water instead of hot water to wash your clothes. Up to 85% of the energy the washing machine uses comes from simply heating up the water. Unplug appliances when they’re not being used, such as the microwave or the TV. Appliances that are plugged in often use energy even if they are switched off, which slowly drains electricity. By unplugging them, you completely eliminate this risk and save money. Consider investing in a power strip that has an on/off switch. This allows you to turn off whole groups of appliances when you leave the house and easily turn them back on when you return.

The water heater is a huge energy drainer. Turn down the temperature to 120 degrees. You won’t even notice a difference. Keeping the temperature down is especially useful if you have children. A lower temperature prevents kids from accidentally scalding themselves in a bath tub or a shower. Also, lowering the thermostat during the winter and raising it during the summer makes a huge difference. Over a 24-hour period, just raising it one degree can save you 3% of your energy bill.

It’s become simpler than ever to get a lower electricity bill. Learning a few small tips and combining what works best for you can ultimately save you a lot of money. Electricity providers like Viridian in New Jersey are leading the nation to more environmentally friendly electricity sources, and with a couple small changes, like switch electricity NJ, you can help too.