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Review Of Lovely Shoes

– bBase Location:/b Zhejiang // China
– bRegistration Fee:/b None
– bMinimum Order:/b $100
– bPayment Options:/b Paypal, Credit Cards, Moneybooker, Western union, MoneyGram, Bank Wire Transfer
– bShipping Options:/b EMS, TNT
– bReturn Policy:/b Yes
– bValidity:/b None

– bQuantity:/b 700+
– bUnit Pricing:/b $2.47 – $29.50
– bPackage Sizes:/b Individual Items
– bCategory:/b Shoes, Handbags

– Overall Impression (7.2/10) b* Good/b
– Product Prices (7/10)
– Product Quality (8/10)
– Product Quantity (6/10)
– Reliability of Service (8/10)
– Impression of Website (7/10)


LovelyShoes.Net is a wholesale company of shoes and handbags. This company seems somewhat reminiscent of Wholesale-Dress.Net, though I cannot quite pinpoint why — perhaps the two companies are related. In any case, Lovely Shoes is another source based in China, which means that the items come directly (and cheaply, for the most part) from manufacturers in the area, but the international shipping charges are quite high.

The quality and price of the items seem to be okay, and the company stocks a fairly large selection of items. My only complaint, however, is that a significant number of items listed on the website are labeled Out of Stock but have yet to be removed from the product categories. This can be rather annoying when browsing through the items. It is also unfortunate to note that over 1000 of the items are categorized as Out of Stock, so if looking through the categories, be sure to verify that an item is actually available before planning to buy or sell it. Granted, if the item is unavailable, then the website prevents you from actually buying it. But for all of the dropshippers out there, take care not to promise or sell any items that are not actually there.

Still, the provider is worth looking into. The prices are fairly low (though they would be considered average for wholesale) and the shoes generally come in an array of colors and sizes. There are boots, slippers, sandals, formal wear, and casual wear available. Apart from shoes, LovelyShoes.Net also offers handbags, wallets, backpacks, and other such bag accessories. There do not appear to be any major U.S. brand names among the products, but there seem to be other brands that I am not familiar with, perhaps notable in Europe or Asia. Personally, though, I find many of the items to be quite cute and wouldnt mind buying a few pairs for myself. C:

All in all, LovelyShoes.Net is an average wholesale provider. The shoes and bags are not name brand, but they are still attractive and easy to sell. The things to look out for are high shipping costs and Out of Stock items that may linger around the In-Stock categories.

* bNote:/b The website has temporarily stopped taking orders until 2/22/09. They seem to be busy updating their stock of items.

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