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Traffic Lights Love Romance

I met my girlfriend while we were both stopped on the traffic light in central London. What made us notice eachother is that we both had the same Alfa Romeo cars. I had it in Black and she had it in Red. We looked at the car then the driver and we smiled at each other. At that moment my heart beat 100mph because in young terms I thought “She is hot!”. We both shared few smiles after that and the red light just didn’t turn green.


I was with my friends going down to Covent Garden to enjoy few drinks under the lovely sun. The summer of 2007 was brilliant and I was planning to make the most of that day because I had a long week at work. I had it all planned that I will be drinking then parking my car in the hotel nearby and then catch a bus to the apartment. I can always go back to the hotel next day and get the car but that wasn’t to happen as from the traffic light I asked her to take the first left and park as I wanted to talk to her.


I wasn’t expecting a yes but what I was shocked about was she did turn left and stopped and there was my chance to ask her out and see how it goes. After few seconds of hi, how are you and I was about to ask her out then all of a sudden she asked “What you upto tonight”?? I held my breathe took my time and replied absolutely nothing, yes I did get few punches from my friends later on. That was that I spend the whole evening with her had a fantastic time and after 3 years we are engaged.


I made my decision to propose to her after 3 years because I felt now is the time as we have a lot of things in common also we love and respect each other. We also have competitive nature as we both work in used cars company. If she told me that on the traffic light I would have just turned right. We are in love with cars and are both big fans of Honda cars. We are planning to settle down and hoping to get married in May 2011.

The Way to Attain a Women Orgasmic pleasure – Straightforward Still Effective Solutions


For a girl, getting an orgasmic pleasure is usually a extremely delicate and sophisticated problem. Seventy five percent of women aren’t able to have an orgasmic pleasure for every time that they are making love. A man who cares about a girl will think about all aspects that will certainly turn their female on. There are several combinations of methods to bring any woman orgasm and make her satisfied.

When you are some of those men who’re the husband of the girl that belongs to the seventy five percent not attaining an orgasmic pleasure, this short article is what you need.

Or maybe you might be a male that just wants to discover a lot more about giving a girl the greatest sexual fun, you may want to improve your current knowledge and also creativity in giving your own female orgasm, this information will certainly offer you the strategies to giving a female a mind blowing orgasmic pleasure.

To begin with, you need to be quite delicate with your lady as well as start gradually. Some males just want to have it over with and will only instinctively put their manhood in the female’s dry feeling organ. This can be a mistake as it will probably harm the woman.

Females need to have more than 15 mins of foreplay for them to become excited and wet in that area. Offer her oral sex before inserting your manhood. Contact and caress the female’s body in places where she is receptive.

Arouse the woman by stirring her clitoris really gently. Lick her clitoris or caress it. For any female, there is practically nothing similar to a great and forceful clitoral orgasm.

Finally, place a ring finger in the girl’s genitals and crook your finger to find her G-spot. Touch her G-spot frequently. In this way, you’ll get your woman orgasm in just 10-15 mins and it will likely be mindblowing.


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