PancakeSwap (CAKE) Price Continues Plunging, Loses 30% in One Week, Here’s Why

Despite being one of the major decentralized exchanges, customers of PancakeSwap are fast losing confidence in the platform. While there hasn’t been so much activity in the overall cryptocurrency market in the past few days, the same cannot be said of PancakeSwap whose CAKE token continues to lose value. PancakeSwap (CAKE) price action in the … Read more

Fox Corp Loses Nearly $1B Announcing Tucker Carlson Departure 

Fox Corporation stock suffered a massive dent in value less than a day after announcing the departure of longtime TV host Tucker Carlson.  Shares of Fox Corporation (NASDAQ: FOXA) declined 5% on Monday following Tucker Carlson’s exit. The mass media company previously announced that Carlson was leaving the Fox News network for his involvement in a string of controversies. … Read more

KuCoin Loses $22,000 due to Twitter Hack, Exchange Announces Reimbursement

KuCoin has assured all the impacted users that it would reimburse them the amount lost while also pledging additional security measures. In the latest development, the hackers managed to briefly breach the Twitter account of the crypto exchange KuCoin thereby causing the exchange users to lose more than $22,000. Earlier today on April 24, hackers … Read more

Lending Protocol Hundred Finance Loses $7M in Fresh DeFi Exploit

The hacker was able to withdraw more tokens than were initially deposited. There appears to be a rising case of DeFi exploits and multichain lending protocol Hundred Finance may be the latest victim. According to a recent announcement by the protocol, attackers found a loophole to successfully manipulate the exchange rate between ERC-20 tokens and … Read more

General Bytes Loses Over $1.5M to Crypto Hack

The ATM maker shuttered its cloud services to limit further compromise of sensitive user information. Bitcoin ATM maker General Bytes has reportedly lost BTC worth about $1.5 million to a crypto hack. The company reported a security incident between March 17 and 18 that allowed unauthorized access to compromising user information. According to the press … Read more