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The Uses For Safety Vests

Safety vest are worn all over the world by workers who need visibility or impact protection. Some wear then because their employers require it and others choose to do so for their own protection. There are also circumstances when people who are not working may find it advisable to wear a outer garment designed to make them more visible and therefore safer.

Government organizations like OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) in the United States require the use of safety gear for jobs or work sites that are hazardous. Among this prescribed gear are safety vests in either bright orange or yellow-green, with or without reflective material added for nighttime visibility. There are also other options, such as lime t-shirt. Standards for certified gear are set in many countries by organizations like the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a non-profit group that has voluntary participation and whose standards are accepted by the US federal government.

People in law enforcement, highway construction, airport ground crews, and who work with heavy machinery are required to wear brightly-colored garments when in an area where traffic exceeds 25 miles per hour. School-crossing guards and those who direct traffic wear them, as well, to attract attention and signal their official capacity. Utility workers also don the yellow or orange gear before they stop along the roadway to work on our telephone and electrical systems.

Voluntary use of padded vests is usual these days in equestrian sports, to shield the upper body from the impact of a fall, from the hooves of the horse, or from jagged ends of broken jumps or fences. A vest can even be inflatable, for superior protection of the spine and other bones of the torso. Cyclists often wear bright colors to make themselves more visible to motorists, and reflective strips if they ride in the dark. Pedestrians also benefit from outfitting themselves, their children, and even their dogs with more visible gear.

All of us have had the experience of seeing a pedestrian in dark clothing at the last minute, either walking on the side of the road or cutting across the street. It is much easier to spot the reflectors on a bicycle than the cycle and rider. People now can wear a vest at night and get one for their dog, as well, to help drivers realize there are others on the road.

Hunters have made blaze orange their color of choice for safe stalking in the woods, since research has shown that deer and other animals do not see the bright color. Other hunters, however, know that the movement they see is a person, not a deer or wild turkey. Those who want to walk in the woods or along rural roads in hunting season are also wise to don protective gear.

A basic brightly-colored pullover or zip-up need not be expensive. They are listed on the internet for under tow and a half US dollars. There are all sorts of modifications, such as reflective stripes, pockets, Velcro closures for kids, and sleeves. They come in non-regulation colors, like pink, or white to distinguish a supervisor. Mesh is used for lighter weight and comfort in hot weather, the material may be water-resistant and flame-retardant, and a vest can even be padded for additional protection or cable-rigged for use high off the ground.

A company or organization can even order standard-issue safety vest with their name or logo on the back. There is a lot of competition among those who manufacture the gear, so go online and look for exactly what you want in the way of look and price. Other options for safety include lime t-shirt, which also have numerous benefits.