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Top 3 Safety Tips For Kids Playhouse Furniture

It’s an exciting time when you are your children begin decorating their kids playhouse. It’s a wonderful bonding experience with your children while creating that special play space that your child can call his own. The best part of decorating a play house is selecting just the right furniture to go into the house. The pieces that you and your child pick will determine the type of look and feel for the playhouse. That is very important. First and foremost, the furniture that is picked out must be safe!

Use these tips to avoid making mistakes when selecting kids playhouse furniture:

1. Antique toys, vintage baby bassinets for doll babies, or any old items that are painted with lead based paint should never be added to a kids playhouse. Many times parents fail to recognize the hazards of lead poisoning when it comes to vintage toys. Although seemingly harmless, paint can chip and be inhaled or ingested inadvertently by your child.

2. Furniture that has not been properly cleaned should never be introduced into a kids outdoor playhouse. Furniture that could provide just the look you want, like a bean bag chair or cute kids sofa, may not be as clean as you think!  Before you put it in that playhouse, take the extra step and spend the money to have it cleaned and sanitized. Fabrics and cushions can harbor many types of germs. Don’t take the chance of exposing your child to ringworm, animal dander or other bugs that potentially can live on used furniture.  Used furniture is great for an outdoor playhouse, but only if it’s totally clean and safe!

3. Avoid sharp edges and pointed tips to any tables, signs, hooks or chairs.  Opt for tables or free-standing furniture that has rounded edges. Children can be clumsy and they fall often. If your child falls onto a pointed or sharp edge, it could result in a serious injury. No parent would want their child to go through that, so it’s best to select furniture that is rounded and, of course, ultra-safe.

With the right pieces of furniture, a kids playhouse can absolutely be a kids paradise.  As a parent, after implementing these tips, you can be assured that the playhouse is not only great looking, but also safe!