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Jewelry Ideas from Your Customers

Jewelry Inspiration from Your Customers

Even the most creative jewelry designer would most likely run out of ideas at one point or another.  Though inspiration could strike from virtually anything around us, we forget one of the most helpful sources that we have : our buyers.  Yes, your clients are indeed a rich resource of ideas for jewelry designs.  They oftentimes have a specific thing in mind that may unfortunately not be in your collection yet.  Why not try to allow them to design their jewelry, custom made especially for them? 

You can get these ideas through feedback forms that you can include in your site.  You can ask your customers to give ideas for improvement and also suggestions on future products that they need to see from you.  Another more concrete thing that you can do is to have an internet system where your clients can virtually create their own jewelry.  Present to them a selection of beads and wire styles that are available and they can do their own mix and matching. 

It isn’t difficult to set up this kind of facility, assuming that you already have a website in effect.  Just ask the person that developed your website to add a page where your clients will make their selections and you will instantly get an e-mail with the result.  If you don’t have a website then you need to consider setting up your online jewelry store.  The hosting costs are insignificant and the increased revenue is always welcome. 

The advantage of having this kind of section in your internet site does not end with getting concepts for a new line.  It may also set you apart from other jewelry designers because your clients will love the incontrovertible fact that having their own specially made jewelry is created very easy and accessible.  Simply make certain that the page is as easy to use as possible.  So go ahead and experiment with this.  Who knows?  These concepts from your clients might even be the inspiration for a whole new line. 

Is your jewelry making business a hobby or a business? If you’re only doing jewelry making as a hobby then you may probably not be too concerned about designing your own jewelry as the designs that you make will be for acquaintances and family.  Don’t forget though that if you are getting great feedback from mates about your designs, you must consider selling your jewelry items and converting these contacts into buyers. 

As a start you only need to let pals, family and colleagues know that you are now going to kick off your own business.  You may be surprised at the number of people that are willing to pay for quality unique jewelry designs.  Another great spot to start to sell your crafts is at outdoor craft shows and exhibitions.  Don’t be concerned about the competition out there, there as so many customers that will purchase your creations if they’re actually outstanding. 

Once you decide that you are going to sell your jewelry or are running a jewelry making business, apart from getting some great inspiration from your clients, you should learn how to maximize profits using jewelry software.  The latest developments in jewelry software will free up a lot of time that you can focus more on making those custom designs that your clients are after.