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Basic Pest Control

Is it hard to deal with pests that keep coming into your house? Are the preventive measures not preventive anymore? No frets now since you will have some help in this article. Read on to get tips on how to prevent and do damage control against pests.

You should always clean your house. The existence of pests is mainly due to the need of food and shelter. They enter into homes for the main reason of surviving. To prevent them from coming, simply avoid leaving food unattended. Clean up food crumbs and residues. Be sure to clean your house well.

Try using non-chemical compounds that is non-toxic to humans and the environment. These substances are safe to display and place all over your house to get rid of pests. Some examples of these natural products are cucumbers, vinegar, garlic spray and peppermint spray. These are advisable to use since they do not cause poisoning.

Usually you will see cockroaches and water bugs. To get rid of these irritating insects, use a spray bottle of soapy water or borax. Be sure though that you keep these things away from your children since they are poisonous.

You should hire pest control professionals every year. You can be sure that their preventive methods are effective. Fumigation can be the ultimate solution to every worst pest problem you can have. Poisonous gas is sprayed all over your house and garden to kill all present pests. You will need to live somewhere else when you do this.

Apply these tips to eliminate all pests in your house. It is always better to do prevention even when it comes to pests.

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Tips On Choosing Preventive Products For Mice And Rats

There are lots of ways you can do at home to get rid of mice. There are some products that are quite harmful when used and can harm your family. You can always try the safe ones of preventing and eliminating mice. Read on to find out how to do it.

Since houses have lots of food materials they are instant attractions for mice. So what you must do is to keep your home free of food crumbs. Utilize tight-lid containers so that your food is stored in a place where mice cannot get to them. Food dishes, kitchen sink and dining table must be carefully cleaned.

You can also use dryer sheets since they are very effective in deterring mice. Some dryer sheets are very fragrant and can add a fresh smelling smell to your house. This can be placed in cracks, crevices and other openings. Dryer sheets are way healthier to use than mothballs and other bait products.

Electric rat traps can also be a good choice to use to get rid of mice without harming your pets. You can see the effectiveness of electric traps since they electrocute rats to death. Electric rat traps should be placed in areas where you sight some rats and mice going to and fro.

There are also natural rat poisons. You must get a pack of this natural poison that is labeled with vitamin D3. Just a small amount will cause heart failure in rats and kill them. This vitamin D3is actually poisonous to rats only. Since it only affects rats then you do not need to worry about harming your pets.

Those are the safe and effective ways you must do to prevent mice. Mice and rats are very hazardous to our health so we need to protect our family from them. Make sure to buy the safest products that are available for your use.

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Home Exterior Tips For Pest Control


Whenever we have pest problems we always think of what did we do wrong that allowed them to come into our homes. The problem usually starts outside and people don’t realize it. In short, methods of pest control prevention wasn’t performed enough outside of the house. This article will show you the steps on what to do to prevent pest infestations outside your home.

You must get rid of any stagnant water around your home.  Standing water is a sure way to attract mosquitoes and also rodents. This gives rodents a source of water that’s why they love it.  By getting rid of that water source you stand a better chance of keeping rodents away from your home.

The next thing is, you have to clean your rain gutters. When leaves and twigs get collected on your rain gutters, it becomes a place to stay for these pests. Doing a deep cleaning in your home will drive out these pests.  Otherwise you will be inviting more insects and rodents to choose your home to stay in.

Another thing you want to do is get rid of weeds growing around your home. For pests, this is on area in your home where they could reside. We allow these pests to come inside our homes when we give them places to stay.  That is a bad thing to do since the closer they are the more chance they will try to enter your home.

Lastly, your trees should be trimmed. Pests like insects and rodents find it easy to take refuge in your home through trees. Trimming trees away from your home will get rid of any pests access points towards your home.  So you should always make sure the trees are at least four feet away from your home.

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How to get rid of pests in your homes

One of the problems that homeowners commonly have are pests.It does not matter if you are in a rivh or poor neighborhood, pests are still everywhere.But whether we like it or not pests do exist.So here are some important reminders in keeping your houses pest free.

First of all owning a San Diego pest control company my biggest suggestion would be to hire a pest control company. Of course that is something not everyone can afford to do.But if you can afford it then that is what is recommended. But this article will deal with how you can get rid of pests on your own.Or, if not get rid of them, at least minimize their presence.

One of the most common pests in our houses are ants.  In my San Diego ant control service this is a heavily requested pest control problem.  The best way in preventing them from getting into your houses is to not give them sources of food.Because that is what they are looking for in your house.Because you eliminate the main reason why they go into your house if you can just do that.If you can get rid of that then they will go away.Obviously, that would be easier said than done.  But just make sure to keep your home clean and food cleared out.

Another annoying pest that we usually see in our house are rodents.Ants can be a problem but it is easier to have ants rather than have furry things scurrying around our houses.  Doing San Diego rodent control I see how big a problem this is.Rodents eat your food.  They also chew through walls and other things.  Just like ants the best thing to do is cut off their food supply.But setting up traps in not bad also.  In your attic is the best place because they nest there often.

So those are some ways to get rid of pests.They are not as effective as hiring an exterminator but they can help.

How to get rid of pests that invade your houses

One of the most common problems we face as homeowners are pests.There are times when they seem to be invincible.  Pests such as ants, spiders, rodents, or whatever always are unwelcome.So what are the ways to exterminate them altogether?Here are some things one can do to prevent them from wreaking havoc in your houses .

Lessening the reasons for the pests to go into your house is the best tip I can give you. Take ants for example.  In my San Diego pest control service I always advice my clients on getting rid of the reasons for attack.And what might that reason be?It is improperly stored food.The ants are scavenging for food to stock up on their winter supply. That is why they come in full force in the summer.So what I can suggest to you is to always clean your house and store your food properly.You must always clean those stains and spills and always put leftover food in the right containers.

Another pest that is hard to get rid of are rodents.  In my San Diego rodent control service this is the one that takes awhile to get rid of.Because once they get into your homes they reproduce very fast.To build nests is the only reason why they come into your houses.The best way to get rid of them is to set up traps at their entry and exit points.That would be the best way to scare them off and kill some of them.You should not use poison because giving them poison would kill them in your homes and the smell would be  bad.

So there you have some of the best ways to fight back against these pests. As I tell my clients in my San Diego ant control service sometimes you can’t avoid them coming into your home.  It is just when they do it is time to fight back. Using some of these tips should help you do some good fighting to get rid of them.

Common pests that can be a headache to house owners

Owning a home is the American dream.There are lots of benefits you can have by owning your own house.Most people who own a house spend a lot of time in it.  But owning a home does have it’s problems also.One problem that can be bothersome is pests.You will still have pest problems in your house even if you keep it spic and span always.  Here are some common problems that homeowners face.

First thing to realize is that every house will eventually have pest problems.  I should know since I see it all the time with my San Diego pest control company.You may have a house in an expensive neighborhood but you will still have pest problems.The trick is to minimize what these pests can do to your house.  Of course that is a difficult thing to do.  But it can be done.

Ants are one of the most prevalent pests in a house.And they are also one of the most problematic bunch of pests for a homeowner.It would seem that your whole house has been invaded by these pests.  Doing San Diego ant control has allowed me to see the frustration ants can bring.You do not have the liberty to leave your food out in the open.They attack and invade your trashcans.  They are all over the place when you are infested.  Obviously the best thing to do is to call a pest control company.But putting yur food in sealed containers is the best way to prevent those ants from getting into your houses.

The next common pest problem are rodents.  This is the next common problem I run across doing San Diego rodent control.They chew everyhting from food packages to books and other things that they chew.They also leave their feces all over your house.They also chew on virtually everything in your house that they can bite on.Yes, they can be a tough bunch to fight.So what you can do best is to put poison containers outside your houses.

So those are some common problems all homeowners will face. The best way to fight them is to hire a professional company to keep them out.