ECB President Says Euro Zone Inflation Still ‘Too High’ as Rate Falls Lower than Expected to 6.1%

Inflation in the Euro zone has fallen to 6.1% as individual countries are also recording reductions. However, Lagarde plans more rate hikes. Euro zone inflation has dropped in May, with a steeper plunge than analysts and observers expected. Flash figures show that headline inflation, which was 7% in April, fell to 6.1% in May. This is the … Read more

UK Inflation Drops Under 10% for First Time since August 2022

British inflation has been stubborn forcing the Bank of England to continue its interest rate hikes to 4.5%, for the 12th consecutive time. Economists are expecting further hikes in the upcoming meetings. As per the latest reports, the UK inflation has taken fresh dive under 10% for the last month of April 2023. This happened … Read more

Stock Futures Slump as US Inflation Remains Pegged at 4.9%

Despite the fall off of the US stock futures, there is no doubt that the fight against inflation is yielding a relatively positive fruit in the United States. The US stock futures are seeing a very concerning slump today following the release of the latest inflation figure for the month of April. According to the … Read more

‘Invest with Inflation, Not against It,’ Says Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki believes Bitcoin price will continue soaring up as high as $500k in the coming years, purely fueled by inflation. The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, has reiterated his investment strategy against global inflation. During a CNBC interview, Kiyosaki noted that global inflation has become a systemic problem. As a result, the … Read more

ECB Announces 7th Consecutive Interest Rate Hike of 25 Basis Points after Eurozone Inflation Climbs 7% in April

On Thursday, the ECB increased interest rates for the seventh consecutive time, with the latest figure aligning with analysts’ predictions.   The European Central Bank (ECB) has hiked interest rates for a seventh consecutive time as its war against inflation wages on. Today, the eurozone central bank hiked rates by 25 basis points as expected following … Read more