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Inculcating Confidence In Your Child

Self confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, judgment and value. To believe that some children are naturally coy and shy and lack confidence is not true. It is seen that some children don’t open up so easily in front of strangers and prefer clinging to their mothers. They will not speak and act shy. Regardless of the reason why your child is shy, as parents you can build up their confidence which helps them grow both emotionally as well as mentally. The approach to parenting must always be positive that will help a child grow in self-confidence. Try out following techniques to help your child become confident.

Take pride in your child and at the same time express is openly. Always be content of your child’s performance and encourage him/her positively. If the child is aware of your feelings then he/she would never deviate from the right part and always refrain from hurting your feelings. Parents who encourage and support their children will always grow on to become confident adults. Therefore, try your best to uplift your child’s self esteem.

Always truest your child. But parents are apprehensive of what their child are capable of and sometime it is difficult to trust them completely. However, start trusting them for small things and make a beginning.

A child can gain a lot of confidence even if you praise them for small accomplishments. Positive appreciation is always better then criticism. Even in anger never mention words such as “you will never be able to do this” or “that is not enough, you could have done better”. This may be spoken harmlessly, but it can negatively impact the child’s mind. Show your love and concern and praise your child genuinely.

Teach your child to decisions which can also boost his/her confidence. Start with this practice from very young. Let them choose what is ideal and best for them so that they become self -dependent. You should not spoon feed them all the time and let them learn on their own.

Always adopt positive parenting approach and never nag or over burden your child. Let them grow and learn on their own pace as each child have their own abilities and talent. Do not compare two children and appreciate your child of who he/she is.

Be an active participant in your child’s life. Take them out with you and engage in outdoor or indoor games. This is very important to raise confidence and self esteem of a child.

Providing safe and secured environment in the house is very important for children. Children learn and understand what could harm them. Therefore, the house must be electrically safe. With young children at home no wires or electrical units must be left exposed as it could trigger serious accidents, as told by the well known electricians in Plant City.

Bathroom hygiene and cleanliness is very much needed to avoid spread of infection and illness in children. It should also be made child friendly with anti slip tiles and other necessary precautions. To prevent humidity in the bathroom which assists in the development of bacteria, the roofers in Plant City recommend the installation of roof ventilators. The faucets and the pipes must be inspected for leaks and damage. The service of Plant City plumbers may be taken for all aspect of bathroom maintenance.