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5 Easy Steps To Renew Your Wedding Vows

If you are thinking of having a vow renewal ceremony, you should determine what type of celebration you prefer, choose a date, choose a venue, decide who you want to be in charge of the ceremony, and give out invitations.

You and your spouse should consider thinking about renewing your vows of marriage if you are approaching your 50th wedding anniversary. One of the most special 50th anniversary gifts you can exchange with your spouse on your 50th wedding anniversary is renewal of your vows, and this can also be a means of remembering your years together. If you are considering having this ceremony, here are some tips you can follow:

Choose what type of ceremony you want

Deciding what type of ceremony you want should be one of your major considerations just like when preparing for a wedding. It is in this stage that you decide whether you want to go for a fancy affair with a large number of guests and a party, or a simple celebration between the two of you and a few close people. Obviously, large affairs are expensive but you will be able to invite everyone that made your marriage special. On the other hand, simple vow-renewal ceremonies are more intimate and will allow you to focus on the most important elements of the celebration. You should base this decision on your personal preferences as well as your budget.

Decide on the date for the event

Once you have a general idea of what you want the affair to be like, discuss with your spouse the best date to hold it. You can either set the date of the event on the exact day of your anniversary or another time which is more convenient for the both of you. Make sure there is sufficient time to prepare for the event especially if you want it to be elaborate.

Choose a location

There are couples who want to celebrate their vow renewal ceremony on the same place they held their wedding while others prefer having it at a new location. When deciding on a venue, it is important to consider your budget and then book reservations ahead of time.

Choose who you want to officiate the ceremony

There is no specific rule on who can officiate vow renewal ceremonies because these are usually symbolic occasions and not legal affairs. You can request a clergy member or judge who can take charge of the affair. Or if you want a more personal and casual gathering, you can consider asking your child who is old enough or a close friend to preside. After you have chosen an officiant, ensure that you give adequate information so that coordinating and preparing can be done easily.

Hand out your invitations

The invitations for the people on your guest list can be sent out once you are sure that all your plans and arrangements are ready. For out-of-town venues, it is advisable to have the invitations sent about a month before the scheduled date so your guests can prepare.

Couples can choose from a wide variety of ways to commemorate their anniversary. Make sure to select the one that will make the event most special.

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