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Tips For Landscaping A Small Garden

Despite the location that needs to undergo renovation, there are a few recommendations for improving a small garden, yard, or planted area in a home.

1.    Organize Working Area

Start with a clean slab to build off by removing anything that obstructs the view of the actual space available.

2.    Analyze Diverse Shapes

A long narrow space will need slightly different treatment to a square one. Smoothing out an area to reduce an overabundance of straight lines and angles can easily be achieved through the use of small stones and circular containers. In a long, narrow yard, create a focal point in the middle with a round paving stone or water feature to break the view. Placement of a simple artistic component can create a beautiful center of attraction. Through overflowing plants a tasteful diversion away from repugnant corners can be created.

3.    Do Not Create a Crowded Space

Flower beds can take up a lot of space in a small garden, not to mention take considerable punishment from feet, especially small ones. Containers grouped together can help with this problem, and by mixing small and large containers you can create the illusion of a flower bed with plants of different heights quite easily. Too many flowers can create a chaotic and overfilled area undesirable to the eye. Floor level plants are easily damaged and will last longer if raised a few inches from the ground.

4.    Keep it small

There should be a minimal amount of outdoor furniture in a garden. Small furniture can compliment an outdoor space, while providing comfort. An abundance of shade in a small garden can pose as a great threat to small plants; it is important not to plant items such as large trees or shrubs that prevent small plants from obtaining sunlight.

5.    Create interest

Finding a center of attraction without overusing space is extremely important when filling an outdoor space. Proper placement of various rocks and stones can create a colorful and intriguing atmosphere. Liven up a drab walkway through colorful and elegant stones. Creating contrast through the use of sandstone and rocks enhances the look of flower beds. Containers can provide a center of attraction through vivacious colors and inviting shapes.

6.    An Intimate Outdoor Room

A garden that appears large can easily lose personality and comfort. A conveniently furnished area of a garden can provide a relaxing and comfortable area to lay around or engage in an interesting novel. Proper placement of a small tree can shade an area without damaging other plants and provide a home for small birds Running water is a natural calming agent used to add relaxation to a garden.

Small gardens are cost-effective options to an outdoor space that require very little maintenance. Because of the size, small gardens allow for owners to enjoy more time relaxing and less time working.

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