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Games Such As Triva May Actually Smarten Up Your Future Bridal Shower Party!

Whether your party is a low-key event or a wild free-for-all, chances are the guests will not all know each other, or not well.  One of the best ways to break the ice and have fun is by playing trivia games based on the bride and/or groom, since the couple is probably the one thing all your guests will have in common and will be interested in.This article has ideas to help you prepare everything, from organizing the games, the kind of questions you can ask, and what you can give as prizes.

Bridal/Couple Trivia

As each guest arrives to the party, give them a mulitple-choice or short-answer quiz that you have written.You can ask questions about the bride (Where did Anne grow up?What is Anne’s favorite dessert?How old was Anne when she went on her first date?), or about the the bride and her fiancée (How were Anne and James introduced?Who asked who to go on the first date? ).You can figure out who won by looking at everyone’s quizzes yourself, or (this option is probably more entertaining), let everyone “grade” someone else’s questions and then announce how many they got right.
A Match Made in Heaven

You may also get together with the bride’s fiancée previous to the event, having him answer questions that she may also know the answers to.  During the party, have the bride sit in a chair in the middle of the room and ask her the same questions, announcing to everyone the answers that her fiancée provided.Often the bride will get to hear some surprising compliments, and the guests may get to hear anecdotes, especially if the questions are a bit scandalous or if she disagrees with her fiancée.What is James’s biggest pet peeve?What does James most admire about you?

Choosing the Right Questions

Your invitees and the tone of the event itself should be foremost in your mind.Bridal showers are usually different in tone and setting than bachelorette parties.Try to save the “frisky” or more personal questions for events where most of the guests are quite close to the bride.If the answer to any given question would make you blush around your boyfriend or husband’s grandmother, then don’t make your friend suffer that embarrassment.Try to find questions that are neither boring nor too scandalous – that way, everyone will have a good time. If your looking for some exciting things for your shower try free baby shower ideas, baby shower hostess gifts or baby shower games.

Cool Prizes

Remember, the theme of your party and the preferences of your guests should be considered when choosing prizes.None of these ideas will break the bank.If your event is not of the “naughty” variety, you can still choose prizes which are a tiny bit sexy, such as fragrant bubble bath or an assortment of chocolates.If your party is more on the wild side, you can get as explicit as you feel your guests will enjoy – scented condoms or flavored lubricant might be an option.
Trivia games let you save money and still show the bride and her guests a great time.