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Notable Gaming Apps for the HTC One S Smart Phone

To game lovers there is nothing better than the ability to get the latest games and play them each and every day. The HTC smart phone can give them this ability with ease. The users will be capable to get any games from whatever source accessible with the smart phone. HTC one case will protect all the applications used to achieve these games.

Death rally needs a powerful phone, since it entails free racing game with two ways to win. Each car in the race has side cannons and machine guns. They have steel spikes on the fenders and pieces of armor are attached. When the green lights turn on, the foot has to be on the throttle and the hand on the gun. One has to go faster or kill the rival to hit the machine gun and bombs.. The controls were designed carefully and cautiously. Initially it is not easy to play the game with the touch screen controls.

It has imitative Angry Birds seasons.. Here, some birds are sent to certain traits of constructions of wood, glass or iron needed to be systematically demolished.. Then the green pigs vanish in Rio Angry Birds and the hero must give the birds other birds in a cage, which is locked in the hold of an airplane.. That’s all about the first table because the second is meant to take place in the jungle, beach, and the carnival against signs and playful on the tarmac of an airport..

Motorcycle Racing is a free game in which the player has to drive a motorbike on a highway at tremendous speeds. The faster he/she goes the higher the score counter is moving.. The only challenge is that the vehicle in Motorcycle Racing Cars does not fit within the lanes. Hence it is challenging to pass through obstacles but the player can tilt the HTC One smart phone left or right to turn. There is only one life so it is crucial to drive safe at full speed as long as possible.

Is an RPG and a Tower Defense game where one is to push back the evil creatures in order to defend his/her land Etheria.. One is allowed to choose around four heroes with each his own fighting styles and weapon; like sword, magic.. Winning is the only way for one to collect experience points and wealth.. The XP points achieved can be changed into a weapon, armor more resistance to or still learning new techniques.. Sound track and rich environment allows beginners to feel comfy to the game. The initial levels are easy for this purpose as well. It’s impressive in terms of graphics and a big challenge book to latest phones due to their HTC One S wireless accessories such as the HTC One mobile screen protector and the HTC One S Cover.

It’s generally a skill game where one is to move his/her fingers on the screen to cut as many fruits as possible being careful about the bombs so not to lose life or touch them.. Is there in multiplayer mode, locally and online, a rap and away.. The fruit has to be cut with the sword before it falls to the ground. Remain cautious about the bombs. In this game the phone requires the HTC screen protector so that the screen does not get damaged and the game is clearly seen by the player..