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How To Substitute A Lost Button

So you need to sew a different or substitute button onto your clothes but you’re not absolutely certain how to approach it? You don’t want to go running to Mama – just keep reading to find out how easy stitching a button really is. Before you do anything you want to get a button to exchange the missing one. Make sure to do a complete search of your clothes before you get anything new, as the replacement buttons are sometimes sealed in inner or external pockets, in the lining, or close to or under any tags. You can read this site for information on finding all varieties of buttons.

Next you want to find some cotton that’s a similar color that was used for sewing all the remaining buttons. If you can buy the exact same color that’s the best, but if not use something that’s more or less the same. It’s normally not very obvious so it won’t make a big impact. Now take the spool of thread and run it out to about as long as the length from your fingers to your elbow. Then cut it off and place it through the eye of a needle. Remember to check that the needle isn’t too large to go through the button holes too.

Finally just create a knot in one end of the thread, then another knot to make a big knot. Now everything’s in place and it’s time to do the actual sewing. Begin by positioning the button on the clothing where you want to stitch it on. You might want to place something like a toothpick between the button and the clothes to provide some space for moving.

Now, beginning from the under side of the clothing, use sufficient force to drive the needle up through the cloth and through one of the button holes, and continue pulling until all the thread is through. Now just do the same action but from the upper side – push the needle down through a different button hole and continue until the end of the cotton. Do this 4 times for each button hole. Last thing is just to tie another big knot in the end of the cotton, trim the rest of the cotton off and you’re done – problem solved.