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The Real Truth About Travelling Frugally

Across the sea from the mainland European continent is the ancient land of the United Kingdom. The UK is a highly popular destination as it is packed with vivacious cities and attractive city landscapes. There is not much stress involved when planning and going on a holiday in the UK. There is a vast range of hotel options ranging from 1 to 5 star hotels, helping travellers to enjoy a more relaxed and pleasurable staying experience. There is so much in the United Kingdom that tourists can enjoy, including those that are residing just within the UK, that are ideal for staycations or holidays just within the holidaymaker’s area of residence.

What Places Can People go for Staycations in the UK?

One notable and popular staycation destination is the Llandudno, or aptly named “the Queen of Welsh Resorts.” The “Queen” is in close proximity to Manchester as well Liverpool and Chester, North Wales. But even if the general cost of living in Llandudno has seen an increase in recent years, it is still a remarkably less expensive holiday destination choice versus many other seaside resorts.

At the same time, one might like to stop by Brighton if they are up for a holiday of vogue and glamour, at least on a facade. This is a busy city that has an amazing landscape at night because of the hues of its bright lights, indicative of its urban attractions for the traveller. The city has a bustling centre, with a beautiful backdrop of the glorious South Downs. Aside from its city attractions, Brighton also has many picturesque beaches spread out along its coastline.

If they decide to choose to take cheap holidays in UK, locals will find that it is easier to accomplish than going abroad for a vacation because there are no paperwork to be dealt with. Plus, a UK holiday break has little or less impact on your bank accounts. Plus, it does not take a lot of time to get to your destination within the UK, as you would have to spend about 3 hours while the least you could expect if you are going out of the country is a travel time of at least 7 hours in average.

In any case, if you really feel like travelling overseas, you might want to look for the best holidays to Egypt, for starters. Walking like an Egyptian means walking under the blazing sunlight, swimming around multi-coloured reefs and walking along sand softer and whiter than baby powder. There is always something for you in Egypt, whether your interests are historical or simply sight-seeing. Apart from being the largest open-air museum of the world, Egypt also offers an abundance of deluxe resorts in the Red Sea.

The Perfect State For Foreigners To Visit

Folks vacationing in America are usually confused as to which state they should stay in. America is extremely large and diverse and no state is quite like the others. I wrote this article to talk about the state that I think all foreign visitors should stay in while vacationing in the United States.

The state I feel people should visit first is the state of Delaware. Many people might be confused about this recommendation, but once you’ve finished this article you’ll probably agree with me. The states people usually think about are New York and California, so why Delaware? I think Delaware is the best place to stay because it is so close to a multitude of great tourist attractions.

A person can find great US vacation deals in Delaware and can then visit all of the neighboring states. A person staying in Delaware can quickly get to southern New Jersey, Atlantic City, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

Washington DC

A visit to the United States would not be complete without a trip to the nation’s capital. This small piece of America holds the White House, the Obelisk, and the Smithsonian. Ever visit the largest museum in the world? Visit the Smithsonian and you’ll be able to answer yes to this question. Even if you stopped your trip after visiting Washington DC, you’d still bring home many memories and stories to share with your friends and family back home.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is the biggest casino town on the east coast. Although Atlantic City will never be as popular as Las Vegas, it is still a fantastic place to visit. There are many different casinos to visit as well as a nice boardwalk to stroll down while you aren’t gambling.

Southern New Jersey

Many boardwalks and beaches can be found throughout the southern part of New Jersey. Every boardwalk in southern New Jersey has its own unique set of shops and amusement parks. You’ll also find many lighthouses to go in and out of and you can even take pictures from atop them.

New York City

New York City has the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Times Square, and many other tourist attractions. You’ll also find Little Italy, Chinatown, Central Park and many other areas of interest to tourists and locals alike. Many Americans come from all over the country to visit the place their ancestors first landed and to take in the wonderful tourist attractions of New York City.


This city has many museums and historical sites that visitors can visit without spending much money. In fact many of the historical areas can actually be visited free of charge. Visitors can wander around the cobblestone streets and walk through the home of the original American flag creator.

Once you’ve explored Philadelphia to its fullest, you can take a short forty five minute drive to Longwood Gardens to see one of the most beautiful gardens in the United States. These gardens are open late and visitors can expect to see many beautiful scenes during the day and the night.

Thanks for reading this article on vacationing in the United States. Remember that you can save a lot of money simply by planning ahead and searching through the wonderful top travel deals.