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Sneaky Home Security Suggestions You Can Use To Secure Your House

It seems that the average person thinks that criminals are lazy or just plain dumb. Unfortunately for homeowners, this is rarely the case. In fact, many burglars and home invaders are quite clever. They view theft as their “job” and go to work at it with vigor. These criminals know all the different ways to gain access to a home and can do so without getting caught. They are very dangerous individuals and should be taken seriously.

In this article I’ll go over some of the steps you can take to outsmart a smart criminal. I’ll go over some of the sneaky tricks you can use to drastically reduce your odds of being victimized.

Trick Number 1

Place your home security cameras in unusual places. Obvious security cameras can be a great deterrent for a regular thief, but tech savvy ones will just break in and steal the camera’s DVR when they leave. Build birdhouses or mailboxes with cameras hidden in them and the thief will never even know he has been caught on tape.

Alternatively, you could get a remote monitoring system which saves your camera footage online. If you look at Frontpoint Security review and Protect America review, you’ll find some alarm system monitoring options that include remote access.

Trick Number 2

Make sure you put all of your jewelry and cash in safes or hidden rooms. Criminals don’t usually expect a homeowner to hide things in their own homes. Hollow books and secret wall compartments are great places to hide valuables. During the Great Depression, people used to hide their valuables by putting them in ceilings, floors, and walls. In fact, many homes still contain forgotten valuables in them.

Trick Number 3

Give your home an occupied appearance even when you aren’t at home. Keep your drapes closed, your television sets on, and your lights on random timers and thieves won’t know for sure whether you are there or not. In fact, you could even use your remote monitoring system with a microphone so you could answer your door remotely. You’ll be on vacation or at work talking to the person at the front door and they’ll think you’re right behind the front door.

Trick Number 4

Place security film over your windows for added protection. Security film makes a window almost shatter-proof and makes it incredibly tough for criminals to break through a window. However, these windows look just like normal windows. A burglar will try to break through this window and your alarm will be set off. These windows can be so tough that they’ll still be trying to break through the window when the police show up.

Trick Number 5

Put a bunch of fake signs on the outside of your house. Dogs, alarms, and surveillance camera systems are great, but not everyone can afford surveillance cameras and not everyone wants to own a guard dog. However, this doesn’t stop you from having the ability to pretend like you have these things. Place some beware of dog signs and “protected by” signs and criminals will look for homes without these things.