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Am I My Brother’s Keeper Even When There Is Money to Be Made?

Passages from The Bible flood in automatically to fill the void left by all the questions and half answers left in my heart as a result of the sudden passing of  Michael Jackson.

I never got the chance to meet this cat, nor the opportunity to get to know him personally and as a musician, this legend  was a great inspiration in his performances, to a whole generation  of pop musicians. He was huge then and may be more in his death: but that is not the focus of this essay.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper Even When There Is A Lot of Money to Be Made? This is not a question for only the health care providers but for everybody in business. Let us agree that It is a challenge when your whole career as a health care giver is suddenly shoved under the spotlights. Your whole future is suddenly basking under the glory of a mega star.Great.


Michael Jackson’s sudden death  raises a common question that concerns all of us. Do people locked up in client doctor confidentiality agreements always know what they are doing? There are great opportunities for medical health practitioners but we cannot toss ethics through the window. Rich Patients can now hire or fire “professional medical help“just at the snap of a finger.These types of patients have got to a place where they can choose and even organise medical teams, and orchestrate medical procedures with doctors coming from different jurisdictions and countries .Wealthy patients have decided to amass all they can because they see that, quality and the perceived value here is a better way to maximize profits, employers and other health care purchasers should know that health is not a commodity.


How can we apply “I am my brother’s keeper” when you risk to lose a patient who thinks he or she knows what they want? That is a question that should be reserved for the doctor’s conscience. Now that it seems the American Health Care system is being marketed as a product, where is our stance on ethics?


I believe the passage i chose from the Bible is addressing both our human and physical  intellectual wares and should remind us of a few fundamental truths about ourselves.We have become smart and arrogant and have found all kinds of ways at outsmarting the laws protecting the integrity of our “medical help” systems in place. This is for both Buyers and Sellers of health services.

In Isaiah 64:6,the Bible says “But we are all like an unclean thing, And all our righteousness are like filthy rags; We all fade as a leaf, And our iniquities, like the wind, Have taken us away.”
Time to ponder about these things.

Abuse of prescription drugs, doctor client privacy privileges and you in the middle.Do you really feel protected even if it were you who kept ordering the drugs against your doctor’s wishes? In all Client and Vendor relationships we all know the things we do to keep our high ticket customers don’t we? Some self centered businessmen and health care providers believe ethics is not needed to earn profit if you define profit or income as money.

Let us put things in their right perspectives, mega stars are not music arrangers. Quincy Jones is an Arranger Composer, and whether the public knows the difference or not, Michael should have stayed with Quincy all the way. Right? Bruce Sweden was the one in charge of the sweet sounds in the mixes then what happened?

Suddenly all the songs became drum machine ridden with yelps and all kinds of whacked up moves and stuff. If you doubt go listen to the Quincy era.Greed? Pressure? What if the monkey wrench in the whole equation was a mega star himself having too much power to the point that suddenly, he/she could out manoeuvre around everybody and end up hurting himself?Maybe,the star now had so much clout, you were history when you did not deliver what he wanted on time.


Yeah right. How did this mega star get to $100 grand in pharmacy bills?

$100,000 a month Hotel Suites without a single stinking defibrillator? The one thing that mattered most.

Not the Limos, nor the Business Deals, nor the Beatles Catalogue, nor the smooth media and press image, but just being healthy.

OK you would think a $300 an hour doctor on call should seal the deal and Mr Jackson  still could not make it through the night to read his newspaper in the morning? Come on American Business.

OK, he should have sang “The Girls from Ipanema”, did Opera, challenged the late Pavarotti, taught music at Berklee School of Music and even did Smooth Jazz. Nope. This guy was very focused and probably had bigger fish to fry.

So far as his plastic surgery thing went, it was not only him who was guilty if you think that was a crime. Almost all Americans and people who could afford a nip and a tuck creepingly went under the knives.

Personally, I think he really looked terrific in his new facials with dimples in the right places and all. What’s amazing is how courageous and pure he was. He is a guy who was not afraid of taking risks.

To me he donated his body to fulfill our thirst and love for perfection desired for the perpetual human circus?

The most important facts about high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke

Its the Number 1 Killer! Cardiovascular disease claims a new victim every 35 seconds. In just one day, it kills 2500 Americans. They die of heart attacks … they die of stroke.

To a heart attack, you are not special … you are not exempt. It can reach out and take you … any time it wants.

High blood pressure is the #1 cause … … of cardiovascular disease. Even worse its a hidden cause. It can bring on disease of the heart and arteries … and you dont even know it.

High blood pressure is a serious threat … 69% of the people who suffer their first heart attack, have high blood pressure.

And those who develop congestive heart failure? The major damage to the heart that seriously affects its ability to pump blood? The weakening of the heart muscle that can leave you with blood backing up in your legs – or worse – your lungs? 91% of all cases of congestive heart failure have high blood pressure.

Its because of this hidden damage that high blood pressure is called the silent killer

Do you have high blood pressure?

Theres much too high a chance of Yes! In the US alone … according to the American Heart Associations 2006 Update … over 65,000,000 people have high blood pressure. Thats 1 person in every 3.

Take a look around you. Is it Marge – working on the new designs? Or, is it Jason – loading a toner cartridge in the copier? Or … is it YOU? And … theres more bad news

On top of the unbelievably large number afflicted with high blood pressure … another 59,000,000 Americans have pre-hypertension. Not in the danger zone yet … but definitely on the borderline.

So … lets see … thats 2 out of every 3 people that either have high blood pressure … or are heading that way.

Note … this is not just an American problem. This is a worldwide problem. High blood pressure affects all industrialized countries … and the developing countries are also catching up.
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