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Watch Sports with the Motorola Droid Smart Phone

Watching live sports is a dream come true for an individual who is in love with sports. Now with the smart phones available easily live streaming sports on your phone is not an issue. There are a number of applications that have been developed so that live streaming can run on a smart phone.

In the apps stores and virtual markets there are many different applications that can be downloaded to the smart phone. Every single application has the ability to stream live game of sport. Fantasy football from Yahoo! provides you complete information about different games that are currently being played across the globe. This app benefits the football fans in particular. This app does not only deal with the live streaming section but it also gives latest scores which are updated regularly ensuring that you don’t have to refresh the page. Still all these are not the best features, the best part here is that all this is available for free.

If baseball is the sport that you are in love with, you can then look forward for ESPN fantasy baseball. This app by ESPN has a special design compatibility with the android platform. You can now receive updates to the score of your favorite team or any other information that will please you when you are on the move. The user of this app is going to be able to make some custom settings and only get the update on the scores of the teams that he supports. These and all the other similar applications are an attempt to ensure that the entertainment experience on the smart phone is a great one for the user.

Ultimate fighting championship is for those who love live fights. The application from MobiTV enables you to watch live fight on your smart phone. Priced at a reasonable price tag the application offers you the ability to watch a live fight, get information about fighters, watch videos of previous fights and go through the news articles published on major newspapers on the sport.You are never far away from your favorite fight with this application installed on your phone. In the latest version of this app the bugs that were reported through feedback in the previous version have been removed like the resizing of the image and graphic.

Not every place that you go will have access to a television and with your smart phone and these apps you can make sure that your entertainment is not hampered. Now one does not need to wait for updates with these apps and your smart phone all the sports events are on your finger tips. As the videos are streamed live on to your mobile phone, the applications use data connections to connect to Internet. The streaming rate of the video depends upon the speed of your Internet connection. Added to this the phone needs protection against unnecessary damages so that the video watching experience is not hampered.

Motorola Droid 2 case offers increased protection to the smart phone. Being one of the must-have accessories, the cases are available in different colors and design, which suit to your requirement. As you are a sports lover, you can select a case on a particular sport theme based design. You can also eliminate the trouble of protecting your smart phone all the time with the use of Motorola Droid 2 screen protector. This screen protector is going to protect against screen scratches and in general as an antiglare when taken out in the sun. mobile accessories will keep your smart phone protected. Click here for the latest sport apps and features. Watch the Serie A news and the Bundesliga news here.