Google Cloud Launches Two New AI Solutions to Speed Up Drug Discovery & Precision Medicine

Google Cloud’s AI-enabled ‘Target and Lead Identification’ and ‘Multiomics’ Suites are set to improve drug discovery and precision medicine.  Google Cloud has launched two AI-powered solutions to speed up drug discovery and advance precision medicine for relevant companies. On Tuesday, the tech giant’s cloud computing suite said its newly-launched AI-powered tools would immensely help biotech and pharmaceutical companies. … Read more

Google Launches New Tools for Identifying Fake AI Images

Google has unveiled two handy features for identifying, marking up, and labeling fake or misleading AI images.   Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is rolling out a tool that identifies fake artificial intelligence (AI) images generated via its search feature. Reports state that the company’s new feature would reduce the spread of misinformation by identifying misleading AI imagery. Google’s … Read more

Google Cloud Joins Hands with Polygon Labs to Boost Web3 Adoption

As part of the partnership, Google will bring the Blockchain Node Engine, which is Google’s fully managed node hosting service, to the Polygon ecosystem. In a recent development, Google Cloud announced its partnership with Polygon Labs and will thus make it easier for developers to build, launch, as well as grow their Web3 products and … Read more

Alphabet Merging Google Brain and DeepMind to Create Next Generation of AI Breakthroughs and Products

The aim is to roll out the next generation of AI breakthroughs and products across Google and Alphabet by merging the talents at Google Brain and DeepMind.  As Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) intensifies its artificial intelligence (AI) effort, the company is merging its deep learning AI research team Google Brain with DeepMind. Although AI has been … Read more

Google Preps to Launch Its Most Expensive Smartphone Pixel Fold in June

The move will test Samsung’s long reign in the foldable phone business. Google is just a few weeks away from launching its first-ever foldable smartphone. According to a CNBC report, the move will likely kick-start a market rivalry with Samsung which has long enjoyed the benefits of being the market leader of the foldable phone … Read more