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Garden Tools That You May Need

In these tough economic times, families are doing whatever they can to save money. One thing that many people try to do to save money is to have their own herb and/or vegetable garden. A vegetable garden can save you hundreds of dollars a month, and an herb garden can save you money, too, though on a lesser scale. If you have decided to start your own garden, there are a few basic, but very important, garden tools that you will need to have handy.One of the florists who also delt with flower delivery and compost provided the info on garden tools.

One of the most basic and important garden tools out there is the garden spade. Most gardeners would say that this is the single most important tool to have and that if they could choose just one tool to have in their garden, it would be the garden spade. A garden spade is a basic digging tool. It is perfect for digging holes, dividing perennials, transplanting plants, and a myriad of other uses. In addition, the garden spade is one of the best garden tools because it can be used in nearly any soil and situation. You can find a garden spade for nearly any price from very cheap to very expensive. Of course the more expensive garden spades will be of higher quality, but even a cheap garden spade will get the job done.

Garden rakes are great lawn and garden tools. There are, however, different garden rakes and lawn rakes. While most lawn rakes make great garden tools and are useful in the garden, it is important to note that not all garden rakes will make good lawn tools. Here are the different types of rakes that work as garden tools. First, there is a garden rake. This rake has short metal teeth. Most people use it to level soil after it has been tilled. This is done shortly before planting. The short, thick teeth help to move the soil efficiently. The next rake type is a fan rake. This is the common rake that you see people using to rake their leaves with. However, it is also one of the most useful garden tools. You can use this type of rake to rake up your grass clippings to use as mulch in your garden. You can also use it to rake the pulled weeds into an easier pile to clean up. Both rakes are great as garden tools and handy to keep around the yard.

While the above three tools will get you started, you might also want to look into getting a hoe, a garden fork, garden knee pads, and gloves.