Tech Giants Embark on Layoffs since Beginning of 2023 despite Profitable Quarterly Results  

A recurring pattern of recent employee layoffs among tech giants reveals these companies are hedging against economic uncertainties.  Despite the current economic conditions, a number of tech giants are still likely to embark on company layoffs even though they are turning profits. These layoffs have been ascribed to a slowdown in operational growth and seen … Read more

Chinese Giants to Compete With Apple and Samsung

Many Chinese companies are beginning to launch high-end products. It appears that the long-held dominance of Apple and Samsung over the high-end devices market is becoming increasingly under threat. According to a recent CNBC report, Chinese smartphone makers may just have begun making moves to ensure that the luxurious devices market is no longer dominated … Read more

Fujitsu, Other Japanese Tech Giants Form Metaverse Coalition

The firms are looking to create an interoperable metaverse structure called RYUGUKOKU (TBD). In a bid to advance the country’s Web 3.0 strategy, IT services company Fujitsu and other top Japanese technology firms are forming a coalition. The coalition is aimed at developing an infrastructure for an open metaverse in Japan. According to a press … Read more