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Games to Play on Family Gatherings

Contests can be included when planning family reunion events to encourage greater interaction between family members. Many women like to host a dessert making contest, for example. Then, the other family members can taste and rate the anonymous desserts, placing their first, second and third choice entries into the ballot box. The top 3 recipes can then be collected to include in a family cookbook eventually, which will make an amazing family reunion gift for all relatives. The dessert contest is just one of many activities you can plan for your next meeting.

Karaoke is another classic idea for family reunion fun and inter-generational bonding. There are many ways to facilitate a bar-style karaoke event. If one of your family’s youngsters has a Playstation 3, Wii or Xbox, then they can hook up the Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Sing Star or Karaoke Revolution Party game. Another option is to rent a bona fide karaoke machine for the day. For instance, www.nationwidekaraoke.com will rent you a system with two microphones and over 1,000 songs for just $49/weekend. However, if you think you may be using this karaoke machine again to create future family reunion memories, then you may want to simply buy one for $79 to $200. Some top-selling models at www.amazon.com include the Memorex Sing Stand, the Singing Machine SMG-137, the Singing Machine STVG-535 and the Singing Machine STVG-999 Pedestal Karaoke Machine. You can be sure there will be lots of laughs once your family members begin to belt out their favorite hit songs!

Planning family reunion events can encourage friendly competition and be a rite-of-initiation for new spouses, boyfriends and coming-of-age teens. Active outdoor games like football or volleyball are great for younger and middle aged family member bonding, while they also entertain the older family members who get to cheer from the sidelines. An excellent game for family members of all ages is a water balloon toss. To play, you simply fill up water balloons and have your relatives form two lines across from one another. Simultaneously, each partner tosses the balloon to their cohort. If the cohorts catch the balloons, then everyone moves one step back. If a family member drops the balloon, both individuals are eliminated. This continues on until only two family members remain the victors! These outdoor activities make fun family reunions the best they can be.

Planning family reunion festivities sometimes requires a bit of forethought. For instance, when you send out the family reunion invitations, you could ask each family member to bring a baby picture with them to the gathering. You can then assemble all the pictures on a bulletin board, next to a corresponding number. Then you can pass out numbered sheets of paper and have the other family members try to guess who is who. The person who guesses the most correct wins! Sometimes the game will be funny because the current set of babies will be obvious guesses! Some of the older family members may have such antique-looking photos, they’ll be easier to guess too, but some of the middle-aged family members may be a real mystery. It’s always fun to see what photos people feel best represents themselves too.

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