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Safety At Night

The Autumn is very close to being here now which means you are going to get those long nights that start way before the 5-6th hour in the evening which is not only a depressing thought but also a key time to think about the safety of your home. late night winter attacks are not common but they happen and you need to be thinking about this when walking around in the dark.


A lot of people who have just finished work, school or whatever they are doing have no choice but to walk home sometimes. Some areas are unavoidable and if they are less than desirable it can cause you some serious worries which means you need to look into ways you can protect yourself if something goes wrong.


There are so many spy gadgets out there to help you out when it comes to something like this and no I am not just talking about things like voice recorder but things that you can really use like the silent panic alarm.


The silent panic alarm is a very clever device not only because it is able to stay on standby for a period of up to 4 months but that it will send out your location and turn sound on around you so people that you have the signal sent to will know where you are and what is going on around you. It’s not one of thosehidden spy cameras but it does something better and if you are really that worried you need to look to buy one of them.


when it comes to protecting yourself in the winter the choice is yours and it really does not matter as long as what you are doing is legal.

Alternatives If Corkscrew Not Around

Corkscrews have been widely used for years but there isn’t much evidence about when the first one appeared. Until the 18th century wine was traditionally stored in amphoras before wooden barrels were introduced. Advances in the glass technology allowed the production of glasses with long and relatively thin bottlenecks.


The first ever registered patent for a corkscrew belongs to an Englishman and goes back to the end of the 17th centrury. After that, many many more followed each one presenting something different either in the design or in the way it was functioning. The commonly known single lever corkscrew dates back in the 19th century.


The choice of corkscrews offered in the shops and on the internet. Apart from being a practical tool in everyone’s kitchen that can also be a great piece of art which can be sold for some unimaginable amount of money. For example, the world’s most expensive one was sold for about £50,000 and it was a combination of a common Swiss Army knife with some sort of ring puzzles. What increases the cost though, is its 18 carat gold or platinum lever. All the other parts are made out of aviation titanuim.


Although most people think it’s one of the most useful wine accessories, some people claim they can live without it! Many people have been in a situation that there’s no corkscrew around to open that great red Rioja bottle and enjoy that great dinner. Some of the most common ones include a screw and a pair of pliers or the push method where you have to push the cork in the bottle with the aid of a knife or screwdriver. The last method which is not highly recommended due to its risks is about hitting the bottom against a wall so pressure will be generated inside the bottle. In the end, the cork will eventually come out if the bottle hasn’t broken in the meantine.