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How To Find Free Christmas Images On The Web

Unbelievably, the holidays have almost arrived. It feels like Christmas and New Years Eve were here only yesterday. Time marches on, doesn’t it? Well, now that the holiday season is here again, if you’re into holiday season craft projects you’re probably looking for free images. If that’s the case, the following resources might be of help to you:

Vintage Christmas Cards There’s an abundance of free vintage spiritual Christmas cards and other vintage holiday card types on the Web. Many are available on these pages:

  • vintageholidaycrafts.com/vintage-christmas-cards-baby-jesus-and-nativity-scenes
  • hubpages.com/_vintage/hub/christmas-angel-cards
  • vintageholidaycrafts.com/christmas-crafts-free-vintage-greeting-cards

Christmas Images You can also find an unbelievable selection of free antique Christmas clip art, some of which would match quite well with the holiday cards listed above. Here are some resources:

  • hubpages.com/_Christmas/hub/Christmas-images
  • vintageholidaycrafts.com/vintage-christmas-images

Christmas Scrapbooking Supplies Scrapbook papers and embellishments are good for more than making scrapbooks, they also work well for a variety of Christmas crafts, especially when it comes to free Christmas scrapbook embellishments. Here are some pages that feature Christmas scrapbooking supplies:

  • freescrapbookingsupplies.blogspot.com/2009/11/free-christmas-scrapbook-paper.html
  • hubpages.com/_scrapbooking/hub/christmas-scrapbook-paper

Tips for Searching Images

If the URLs above don’t give you what you need, these image-searching tips can help you find other images:

* If you need the images to be free, add “free” as part of your search query. Why look at images you have to pay for if you know that’s not what you want? This can cut your searching time by more than half.

* Indicate if you want a specific subject within the free clip art images. For example, enter “free vintage Santa clip art” if that’s what you’re looking for. That will help the search engine give you more targeted results and keep you from having to pick through images you know you won’t use.

* Use an image search feature. Each major search engine has an image search feature, and using them will exclude even more pages you don’t need to see. And you can usually see the images before you even have to click through, so this is probably the most useful time-saving tip of all.