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Totally Free People Locator

There have been a a number of queries about the existence of free people finders that are absolutely free. Well here is my view on the subject.

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Is there a totally free people locator? I could almost say “no” there isn’t one that I’m aware of but I can never be totally sure because the web has so many millions of pages maybe there might one sitting somewhere at the back of the web – if you understand what I mean.

My point is you can get a locator that you can use to find people without paying anything. The only shortfall to this is so the information layered to you would be very minimal and almost useless. If you go to a people search site you will land on the first page that offers a free service. simply fill in the details and hit the search button. In a few seconds you will see a list of possible answers.

Now you will see that the results will contain many links to click if you want more data about that particular person. When you go to any of those links you will be let to a page with various prices charged for retreiving certain amounts of information.

For example, I know one that is said to be an absolutely free people locator, which charges something like $97 to get access a full profile about someone.

Is this really such a bad idea? In my opinion “no” it is not. After all these websites spend money to gather that kind of data. That said, you do not, however, have to pay anything if you do not want to.

Simply look for a good people search finder that gives data that is comprehensive enough before requesting you to pay anything. Another alternative is to use multiple free services so that you can acquire pieces of various information from all at no cost.