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Cheap Air Afres To South Africa

There are many flights that are available to South Africa and you have a choice of three arrival destinations in South Africa, which is Cape Town, Durban and OR Tambo International Airport which is in Johannesburg. You will find that most flights that are destined for either Durban or Cape Town will pass through Johannesburg anyway.

If you can schedule your trip to be between the months of June and December you might be able to get a discounted air fare. For the most part of the year visitors are just so many as they try to get away from the rains and the winter season. Traveling mid week that is on any of the days between Monday and Thursday will also get you lower airfares at a discount.

There are a number of places on the internet where you can get information regarding flights to South Africa. There are travel tour companies that can arrange and book your flights for you and even take care of your accommodation requirements if you want. Booking your ticket online will get you a ticket at a lower price definitely and also bookings made in advance also qualify for a discount. A period of two weeks in prior to the time that you want to travel is an advance booking..

Of the flights that do go to South Africa you have the connecting flights and the direct flights. Unless you are in a hurry for an important business meeting, flying direct will always cost you more money than connecting flights. If you compare the arrival times of the direct and connecting flights its normally less than three hours.

The prices also vary according to the time of the year. So it is not possible to get any fixed rates at any one time, estimates might be available at any one of the following: