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Owning Firepits Can Lead to a Healthier You

One of the many known benefits that fire pits has to offer is that they allow their owners to spend a little bit of time every day simply decompressing, and this can lead to some dramatic improvements in a person’s overall health. In recent years, the medical community has found that an incredible number of health problems can be caused or exacerbated by stress, and it is becoming increasingly clear that learning how to deal with stress in an effective and constructive manner is just as important to public health as proper exercise and eating nutritious food.Relaxation, mediation have led many who study alternative medicine that the practice can have positive health benefits.

This advice concerning fire pits and general health is actually built on a fair amount of well documented science. The more that scientists learn about the human brain, the more that they begin to learn just how much our physical surroundings change effect our ability to think clearly and handle stress. For instance, the researchers working in the contextual processing field found out that students are capable of learning and retaining information more effectively in a clean and uncluttered environment due to the visual cortex when there is a lot of objects in a room to process correctly. Similarly, there are areas of are brain that are designed to process simple but important types of things, and the elements of water and fire are definitely included on that list.

Anyone who has zoned out in front of a fire knows that spending focusing on a fire causes a person to enter a mental state that feels very similar to zen meditation. This is because watching a fire activates a very primal part of the human brain that causes the mind to stop focusing on the various problems and stresses that come with living in the modern world. Fire pit owners report that an evening in front of their home fire is as refreshing as a short nap or a session of meditation. This could be a reason why in the past people dedicated their time to reading and talking by the fire.