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A Few Ways To Lose Weight

Here are ways to lose weight fast submitted by regular people as comments on various blogs or articles on line. For more great information check out Fat Loss For Idiots.

Avoid fried meat, eat only grilled or boiled meat like steak and chicken Use a lot of spices to make it even better.

Give up the soda. If you have a soda or two every day you are adding empty calories. If you find it hard to stop completely, cut back at first and drink water instead (Note that the average person adds 90,000 calories a year from sipping juice or soda. WOW! That’s a extraordinary tip.)

If there’s no junk food at home you can’t eat it. Make a list, stick to the list. Give yourself a treat. When you skip a food for a long time you end up craving it more, and eventually binging. Enjoy a treat once a week, or even once a day in smaller quantities. Don’t go crazy, remember the rule of moderation. Don’t forget to check out Fat Loss For Idiots for more great weight loss info!

Trick yourself into being satisfied with less by eating off a smaller plate. (Not only are you tricking yourself, even if the trick doesn’t work it’s easier to stop eating when the plate is empty and there’s no more food available.)

Get poor. Throw away your money so you can’t afford food. (Um, no. That’s a bad idea.) A way to ensure you gain more weight is to try all those quick diets then yo-yo back the other way when they’re done. Don’t do it.

Exercise whenever you can, even at the desk with some leg lifts. (That’s a great idea to increase the work outs.)

The three most important factors in healthy diet are portion control, portion control and portion control. (Portion control is a big part of a healthy diet. Most restaurants and even people at home serve portions that are too large.)

Step in front of a moving train. You’ll wake up from the coma a slimmer you. (Another bad idea. It’s best to stick to ways to lose weight while remaining healthy. After all, the ultimate goal is good health.)

Stick to something long enough to repeat it a few times, then you can coast. (It’s said that if we repeat a thing 21 times it becomes a habit. Sometimes the number is different, but the idea is the same. Will power is only needed to repeat something enough times for it to become Eat at a leisurely pace. The body doesn’t feel full as fast as you can eat, so people tend to eat beyond full. Go to Fat Loss for Idiots for even more information.

These are all great tips from regular people just like us. Most of them also happen to be common advice given by experts in safe weight loss. So ways to lose weight fast do exist, and they’re not something only professionals can know.

Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor before taking any medical advice.