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Games to Play on Family Gatherings

Contests can be included when planning family reunion events to encourage greater interaction between family members. Many women like to host a dessert making contest, for example. Then, the other family members can taste and rate the anonymous desserts, placing their first, second and third choice entries into the ballot box. The top 3 recipes can then be collected to include in a family cookbook eventually, which will make an amazing family reunion gift for all relatives. The dessert contest is just one of many activities you can plan for your next meeting.

Karaoke is another classic idea for family reunion fun and inter-generational bonding. There are many ways to facilitate a bar-style karaoke event. If one of your family’s youngsters has a Playstation 3, Wii or Xbox, then they can hook up the Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Sing Star or Karaoke Revolution Party game. Another option is to rent a bona fide karaoke machine for the day. For instance, www.nationwidekaraoke.com will rent you a system with two microphones and over 1,000 songs for just $49/weekend. However, if you think you may be using this karaoke machine again to create future family reunion memories, then you may want to simply buy one for $79 to $200. Some top-selling models at www.amazon.com include the Memorex Sing Stand, the Singing Machine SMG-137, the Singing Machine STVG-535 and the Singing Machine STVG-999 Pedestal Karaoke Machine. You can be sure there will be lots of laughs once your family members begin to belt out their favorite hit songs!

Planning family reunion events can encourage friendly competition and be a rite-of-initiation for new spouses, boyfriends and coming-of-age teens. Active outdoor games like football or volleyball are great for younger and middle aged family member bonding, while they also entertain the older family members who get to cheer from the sidelines. An excellent game for family members of all ages is a water balloon toss. To play, you simply fill up water balloons and have your relatives form two lines across from one another. Simultaneously, each partner tosses the balloon to their cohort. If the cohorts catch the balloons, then everyone moves one step back. If a family member drops the balloon, both individuals are eliminated. This continues on until only two family members remain the victors! These outdoor activities make fun family reunions the best they can be.

Planning family reunion festivities sometimes requires a bit of forethought. For instance, when you send out the family reunion invitations, you could ask each family member to bring a baby picture with them to the gathering. You can then assemble all the pictures on a bulletin board, next to a corresponding number. Then you can pass out numbered sheets of paper and have the other family members try to guess who is who. The person who guesses the most correct wins! Sometimes the game will be funny because the current set of babies will be obvious guesses! Some of the older family members may have such antique-looking photos, they’ll be easier to guess too, but some of the middle-aged family members may be a real mystery. It’s always fun to see what photos people feel best represents themselves too.

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Is it Okay To Exclude People in a Family Reunion?

As you begin learning how to organize a family reunion, keep in mind that things can get stressful and overwhelming if you can’t delegate tasks to others and keep it simple. Don’t be afraid to get help organizing your family reunion. It’s this planning together that adds to the bonding experience of the event, after all. Naturally, the first step in planning a reunion is to find out who is invited, who is willing to help and whose addresses you’ll need to track down. Once you have the guest list squared away, you’ll be well on your way to arranging a memorable gathering.

The next step in planning a reunion is to delegate tasks. One person can be in charge of communications and letting everyone know what is going on; this person should collect address, send out surveys, accept responses, create and make family reunion invitations, prepare agendas and make any necessary phone calls. Two other people can volunteer for set-up/decorations at the party site and tear-down/clean-up; after all, it’s taxing and unfair for the host to do absolutely everything. Another person can be in charge of food, whether it’s organizing a potluck style dinner, ordering from a caterer, cooking all the dishes or finding a restaurant who will do a brunch. If your family reunion will be complex, it could help to delegate a finance point person, who can identify a budget, collect money from other relatives or figure out how to pay for everything. Additional jobs might include a family reunion activities/games director, and a historian who can collect information for a family tree, finds photographs to bring or purchase special keepsakes for the group.

Once you get other family members involved and send out a survey letter, your next step of planning a reunion will be to select the date. What good is a family reunion if no one can attend? Look over the survey poll results and try to find the date that is conducive to the most people. Many families select a holiday like Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or a special family milestone. If you plan on turning this into an annual gathering, your best bet is to pick a date and keep it the same each year. You’ll also need to consider how long your gathering will last — just a few hours, a weekend or even an entire week. If you have a lot of family members coming in from afar, then you may want to make their family reunion vacation last more than just an afternoon. It’s important that you understand you can’t possibly please everyone, so try to choose a date that will accommodate the largest number of kin.

Other steps of planning a reunion include nailing down a reunion location and deciding upon a theme. The location can be an all-inclusive family reunion resort, cruise or camping experience. It can be at someone’s house, a local park/picnic area or a restaurant/banquet hall. Hopefully, you did your homework and sent out those surveys to get an idea of people’s budgets and availabilities, and to get some reunion ideas. The theme, of course, is optional, but it can be a great way to interest family members and make them more likely to attend. Hawaiian luaus, murder mysteries or Mardi Gras themes can tie decorations, activities and food together nicely. Now that you know the planning steps for a family reunion, you should be well on your way to creating new memories and forging new bonds with your loved ones!

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An Out Of Town Family Reunion

Since 9/11, there has been a return to family-centric activities in America. Spending time together and planning a family reunion has become more and more popular. In fact, one in five U.S. adults said they took a trip to attend a family reunion within the past year. An estimated 72 million adults have been to a family reunion over the last three years. The travel industry says that more than half of all reunions are held at someone’s house (52%), although city or town parks (12%) and state parks or forests (6%) are also popular. However, nearly a third of all travelers reported going 500 miles or more to attend their family gathering, so travel experts say that family reunion vacations are on-the-rise.

One of the best ways to plan a family reunion is to book an all-inclusive family reunion cruise or a stay at an all-inclusive family reunion resort. This option is best suited for active and far-flung families, many of which have to travel across the country to get together with relatives anyway. This option is also suited for family members who enjoy a convenient, no-fuss vacation that allows for a myriad of fun family reunion activities. The best part about these family reunions is that there are no hidden expenses — generally all meals, sodas, transportation, rooms and entertainment are included. Additionally, no one has to cook, clean or drive anywhere! The one con to booking this way is that extra costs like shore excursions and alcohol expenses can potentially rack up the bill. One can expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $600 per person (plus airfare) for a 5-day cruise, assuming that 20 or more people attend. Naturally, the more people that go, the lower the price and often times, the party planner gets to sail or stay for free.

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida offers those planning a family reunion an enormous number of discounts and special perks. Disney is so much more than Mickey Mouse and kids’ rides. In fact, there are many adult-friendly attractions at the futuristic and culturally-rich exhibits at Epcot, the sprawling safari zoo at Animal Kingdom, the high-thrills movie adventures at Hollywood Studios and the storybook settings of the Magic Kingdom. Of course, who could forget the two Disney water-parks, namely the tropical paradise at Typhoon Lagoon or wintry wonderland at Blizzard Beach. The best time to go (to avoid crowds) is September or just after Thanksgiving. A family of 10 can visit Disney for 7 nights for about ,400 per person, which includes everything; the resort, park hopper tickets, dining plan, two special activities and airfare! Disney customer service representatives are skilled in helping organize your family reunion and the best deals are found by booking direct at www.disneyworld.disney.go.com.

When planning a family reunion of this magnitude, it’s best to survey everyone and see which places stand out the most. Naturally, the family reunion planner does not want to exclude anyone, so some thought should be given as to what places have relaxing activities for older, frail adults and more adventurous programs for wild young children. The benefit of choosing a cruise, an all-inclusive resort or a place like Walt Disney World is that they really go the extra mile to create an inter-generational environment where everyone can find something they enjoy. To ensure the family doesn’t scatter their separate ways, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the special family reunion activities these places offer, such as private receptions, scavenger hunts or special excursions.

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Holding A Huge Family Reunion is a Handful Job

If you’ve held many family reunion activities over the years, then you may feel like the gatherings could use some extra life pumped into them. Or if this is your first time hosting, you may want to incorporate some reunion rentals that will make a bold statement and really “wow” your relatives. Nothing’s worse than asking people to travel from around the country just to sit around, eat and not say much. These rentals will ensure your party is the most memorable ever! Rentals for family reunions run the gamut from popcorn and snow-cone machines, to Vegas-style casino games and murder mystery acting troupes.

Games are a great way to get everyone organized, involved and laughing at family reunions. The Game Show Guy (www.gameshowguy.com) specializes in the rental of family reunion games like Jeopardy, Family Feud, Deal or No Deal, Hollywood Squares or Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. For ,000 – ,000, Detroit-native host Dan Nichols will arrive with all the professional props and know-how to run engaging, fun, TV-style family reunion activities. To gauge the competition, you can visit www.partyfun411.com/categories/game-show-rentals.html. This localized search engine will show you where you can rent Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Family Feud, The Price is Right, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, What’s My Line, Let’s Make a Deal and more. If you’re looking for a less dramatic, less expensive alternative, then try DVD or table-top board games like Family Feud, The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, Let’s Make a Deal and Who Wants to be a Millionaire for around from www.amazon.com.

Another one of the more clever family reunion ideas is to organize your family reunion around a Murder Mystery event. You can hire a theatre troupe to arrive at your next event and get everyone involved in a comedic, intriguing and entertaining “WhoDunIt” mystery. Everyone, from young kids to the family elders, will be able to enjoy this type of activity, which makes it an ideal activity for family reunions. The Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company (www.riddlesbrood.com) will work with the family reunion planner to customize the performance around your guests. For $750, they can bring setting changers to transform your backyard or home into the scene of a crime, costumed actors, lighting, sound and video effects to make the experience even more immersive. For the $1050 Deluxe Package, they can also arrive with roving themed characters, wandering musicians, magicians, stilt walkers, face painters, balloon crafters and/or a DJ.

Did you know you can rent a photo booth for family reunions? The average price is around 5/4 hours for a mall-style photo booth that instantly prints out slides of four keepsake photos. Kids and teens especially will love these antique photo booths, which can even bring a sense of nostalgia to adult couples who may want to sneak a smooch in these neat booths! In this day and age, almost everything’s gone digital, but it’s fun to capture family reunion memories and transform them into instant mementos. For more information, just visit www.rentphotobooths.com, www.alltimefavorites.com or www.partybooths.com.

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What To Do In Planning a Family Reunion?

What causes the most stress as you begin to organize your family reunion? For some people, the family reunion planning stress is in organizing the menu, which includes the procuring of items (which can really rack up the bill), the juggling and jostling of multiple tasks in the kitchen, the messy clean up of food and dishes, and figuring out what everyone wants to drink. If that’s the case, then why not try delegating different dishes to different people? Or you may want to host the event somewhere besides the home, such as at a banquet hall, a restaurant or a public park, for instance. Here are some other tips and ideas to help you organize a stress-free family reunion.

One way to eliminate the stress of family reunion planning is to delegate the task to a travel agent. That way, all you’ll be responsible for are the invitations and guest list. There are many environments to consider, so before calling your agent, you’ll have to determine whether a beach resort, ranch, cruise line or campground family reunion location would be best. Many places offer event planning assistance and special perks for family reunions, like free hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, bowling passes or upgraded rooms, for example. Deep cruise discounts are available for families and may cost as low as /day. If a family reunion cruise sounds like something for your surf-and-sand-loving family, then consider www.carnival.com or www.ncl.com, which are two cruise lines that are known for their family-friendly atmospheres. If your family would feel more at home horseback riding and sleeping in cabins, check out the Red Horse Mountain Ranch in Harrison, Idaho, where a one-week stay costs around ,718.

Another way to evade the stress of planning a family reunion is to purchase reunion planning software. Family Reunion Organizer and Family Reunion Planner are two types of software to consider. Not only will these programs walk you through the steps of how to organize a family reunion, but will also provide you with a database for keeping track of family members’ contact info and RSVPs, as well as lists for budgeting, assigning tasks, completing tasks and networking with service providing professionals. Whether you’re planning an at-home get-together or a reunion vacation, you can visit www.family-reunion.com/organizer or www.family-reunion-planner.fimark.net to order this inexpensive organizer software.

The most important thing to remember is that family reunion planning should be fun. The key to a stress-free family reunion is to plan well in advance, thus giving yourself enough time to get everything done. Before you mail out family reunion invitations, send out a survey asking family members to number their top 3 choices (out of a list you’ve compiled) for an upcoming gathering. On the list, you could write family reunion ideas like someone’s home, a Carnival Cruise, a mountain cabin, national park, YMCA park, banquet hall, restaurant, or an all-inclusive resort. Be sure to do a little research and come up with price quotes and specific places so you can help family members select something in their budget. There are limitless possibilities, but you want as many kin to attend as possible, so it’s important to survey before you book. You can’t please everyone, but at least you’ll arrive at a general consensus.

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What To Do To Have The Best Family Reunion

In 2001, the Travel Industry Association reported that 1 in 5 vacations spanned three generations and that a third of all summer trips involved a family reunion. Whether it’s for a full week or just a weekend, the best family reunion vacation deals can be found on a cruise ship, where all activities, meals and child care is included in the cabin price. “The best part was that nobody had to cook, do dishes or plan anything. We could just focus on being together,” Jane Austin told the Eugene Register-Guard newspaper following her family’s reunion cruise. Another cruiser, Carl Weinburg, reported: “One of the worst parts about living so far apart is that when we get together, it’s a big event with all the emotional risks of a big event. The cruise made it easy to have casual, everyday interactions, which were much more rewarding.”

If it’s your first time planning a family reunion cruise, then you might feel a little nervous that someone in the family will have a problem with your plan or you may worry that a cruise may fall beyond time and money budgeting for some family members. To stay flexible, try planning your family reunion vacation 18 months in advance or opting for a shorter 3-4 day cruise instead of the full week. Another good idea for including families with kids is to make arrangements over the Christmas holidays when everyone is out of school. Many families also like spending their holidays on a cruise ship because it cuts down on the hassle of cooking, cleaning, bouncing to several different homes and driving in poor weather conditions.

To get started planning your next family reunion, one person should be elected as the family reunion planner. While this person will suffer most of the stress in planning the details, there are also generous rewards for the plan initiator (like a free cabin aboard the cruise line, for example!) First, the planner must find the preferred mode of communication. (For instance, a young hipster might be a whiz with email, but an older family member may prefer the phone.) Once that’s sorted out, the planner can then work to find a commonly convenient date and secure a head count. Next, the planner can look at family reunion vacation destinations and negotiate with a travel agent for the best deals.

When choosing a cruise line for your next family reunion, try to find a ship line that specializes in family reunion vacations. For instance, Royal Caribbean offers VIP room amenities, rock wall climbing sessions, on-board family scavenger hunts, a reunion trivia challenge, door decorations and personalized cakes. Disney Cruise Line’s family package includes personalized t-shirts and commemorative certificates. Carnival offers complimentary champagne and chocolates or private cocktail parties for groups of 8 or more. Holland America’s family reunion program (for five or more rooms) gives guests a family photo, a 20-punch beverage card and one of the following: a choice of dinner in the Pinnacle Grill, free snorkel rental, free swim mat rental, or free banana boat rides on Half Moon Cay. For families booking ten or more rooms, the family patriarch gets an upgrade from a stateroom to a veranda.

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