Google Launches New Tools for Identifying Fake AI Images

Google has unveiled two handy features for identifying, marking up, and labeling fake or misleading AI images.   Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is rolling out a tool that identifies fake artificial intelligence (AI) images generated via its search feature. Reports state that the company’s new feature would reduce the spread of misinformation by identifying misleading AI imagery. Google’s … Read more

Hundreds of Fake ChatGPT Tokens Issued on BNB Chain and ETH as AI Popularity Surges

Illicit market participants are cashing in on the soaring popularity of ChatGPT by issuing fake tokens on several blockchains.  According to reports, no-gooders are taking advantage of the ongoing ChatGPT rave by issuing fake tokens. These malicious market participants have issued fake tokens branded after ChatGPT in the past few weeks. 132 of these bogus tokens saw … Read more