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Do You Know How Halloween Began? I Bet You Do Not

Halloween is a happiness holiday that people celebrate every year, on the 31st of October night. Halloween is known as a fun holiday, people organizing thematic festivals with costumes and fireworks, while children go from door to door for “trick and treat”. The Celtic Pagan festival, known as Samhain represents the source of the holiday we now celebrate as Halloween. The traditions characteristic to Halloween celebration traveled towards North America during the XIXth century when Irish and Scottish emigrants reached the region.

The holiday traveled towards other occidental countries during the next century. Nowadays, Halloween is famous around Ireland and the United States, but it is also popular in countries such as Australia or Canada, and in some of the occidental countries that were familiar with the holiday during the XXth century.

One of the most exciting traditions of the holiday, refers to the costumes specific to the “world of the living dead” that everyone dresses on the 31st of October, yet others dress in cute outfits, such as a minnie mouse costume. The night of the 31st of October symbolizes the night when the dead spirits are free again and the traditions of the holiday are strongly connected to this idea. It was thought that only spirits are allowed to walk during the Halloween night and the costumes are the reminiscences of this Celtic tradition. The children knock the neighbors’ doors to ask for treats, such as fruits, nuts and sweets.

The most popular symbol of Halloween is the sculpted pumpkin that has a light inside, which confers it a scaring image. In Ireland, the traditional Halloween pie is a kind of bread that includes fruits and each member of the family receives a piece of it. Each piece contains a coin or a ring, the coin signifying a successful future, while the ring represents a happy life.

A popular game during this holiday is based on a recipient of water where fruits and coins are placed. The fruits and coins are collected with the mouth, transforming the game into a difficult one.

The apples are filled with coins for children as it is harder for them to reach the coins in the water. Returning to costumes, people love wearing butterfly costumes or fairy tale costumes on Halloween as they get to pretend they are someone else for a night. This is one of the reasons why Halloween is the perfect holiday both for adults and children.

This holiday is no different from others when it comes to the tradition of people decorating the house together with their children. Another reason for fun when it comes to adults, is given by the fact that many clubs and restaurants now have special diverting options for Halloween. Due to the intense participation from adults, Halloween costumes evolved, so that the bad witch and the vampires became really seductive characters.

As a consequence, Halloween became a combination between a holiday and a parting occasion. No one considers Halloween a conventional holiday if we keep in mind the parties that take place at night. The diverse traditions that are characteristic to Halloween were transformed, reaching a point where the holiday includes different customs from one country to another. Children and adults expect Halloween with the same excitement and, more than that, they enjoy the holiday as it is today.