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Exercise Bikes- Upright Exercise Bikes Against Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Most of us are sluggish to stand up in the morning or do not have time to enrol in a gym. In such situations Exercise Bikes are the most excellent investment. As a result of frenzied and crammed timetable not countless of us find time to exercise and keep healthy. However the alarm rings when we notice those hateful love handles and flab hanging from all wrong areas on our body. These bikes are presented in two dissimilar designs to go with your requirements needs:


These are backless bikes, which is the conventional design of these bikes. When exercising without any back base you keep your body stance straight and vertical. This relieves in using load on your abdomen, which leads to toning up of the abdomen muscles and shortfall of fat from the belly area part.This backless trait has its own advantages and weakness which has led to a diverse bag of reviews about these bikes.

The foot rest are straight beneath your bodyline. Also, this vertical posture while paddling the bike facilitate you take on an standing pose even while sitting and doing about your each day works. But, it can lead to continuous bad body stance.

In contrast the vertical pose without any kind of back base results in using force on your lower back. This can lead to pain in your back after 15-20 minutes of paddling. Also you can come across tautness in your neck and back due to inappropriate back and hand postures while exercising. This is extremely uneasy particularly for people new to exercising.

Apart from the above mentioned problem this bike has no other weakness. The back ache abate with experience and also body becomes familiar to it.


These bikes have a comfy back attached for back support and they have large and padded seats. These bikes are the custom-made and more comfy style of the Upright bikes. These are a little reclined backwards therefore supplying an exceedingly comfy exercising position. Also, these bikes are much comfortable for obese people. These bikes are judged as a better alternative than erect bikes and are therefore, more widespread.

Furthermore, these are lower in height and much closer to ground. The footrests are provided in front, near the front wheel of the bike. These bikes are ideal for people with back inconvenience and for old aged people, who cannot sit standing for long.

Pick the exercise bike best matched for your body type. Remember, an exercise machine should improve your body rather than harming it in any style.