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How To Win Her Back – With These Killer Psychological Mind Moves

She’s currently out of your life, but you obviously want her back into it. If you’re wanting to learn how to win her back then my advice is take control with psychological tactics. A few people may frown on the use of tactics like these, but who cares what they think. The important thing is to win her back.

You don’t actively notice it but psychological mind games are in use every day. Not just our partners and friends, but employers and even the government are at it. A typical example is the employee of the month. Employers are using psychological mind games to increase production.

Get her to call you without asking
This is how it goes. We nearly all love receiving letters, as long as they aren’t bills. So you write her a nice handwritten note and tell her you want to thank her. And tell her that things are good for you right now.

This works in two ways. First she’s curious and then comes the pride. She gets curios about the “thank you” bit, but then the pride takes over when she thinks she must have done something good. She will be curious enough to call you. She needs to know why you would thank her. Of course the reason you say is that the split has down you the world of good.

Of course the real reason for the letter was to get her to call you. If you play this one right you can eventually have her believe she made first contact with you again. After all, you never once asked her to call you in the letter. But she did anyway and that was the whole point of the exercise.

Later I can show you how to get yourself the exact letter to send. There are a few other good tricks like this as well.

Memories are there to be used
We all have treasured memories. You can exploit these memories to your advantage. Favourite songs, foods, smells. They all work as good as each other.

Say she calls you (after she got your letter), you can have her fav song on in the background just loud enough that she hears it. Her subconscious then starts to link her favourite song with you, as those are the most recent memories of her hearing the song. Her subconscious will transfer some of her love for the song back to you.

Jealous curiosity
If you can arrange a night out with a few friends, be seen to be having fun. Also make sure that your ex finds out just what a good time you had.

As long as you aren’t dating another girl, she would be livid at this, you can make your ex just a little bit jealous at missing out on the fun. She won’t be expecting you out & about having fun so soon. She may well feel she wants to be part of the fun again like it used to be.

There you have three little psychological tricks to help you to win her back. Other may look on them as wrong, but they aren’t going to do any lasting harm. They are quite simple and harmless. Of course you don’t want to be using them just willy nilly.

You need to be using them as part of an overall master plan to win her back. Without a decent system to follow chances are you will just screw the whole job up.

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Get My Wife Back – What Happens When You Stupidly Screw Up

Now, in the title I mention doing something really wrong. Screwing up could be as bad as having an affair to plain old taking your wife for granted. If the words “get my wife back” are floating round in your head then this article may just have the solution to the problem.

What happens when you do something wrong that results in a breakup, or a near breakup? What happens is that you’ve broken your relationship so bad you may never fix it. Trust may be something you never get from your wife or girlfriend again.

It takes a while to build trust between the both of you but an instant to break it. Can the trust be fixed? Yes but it will be difficult. I managed it a few years back but man was it hard.

If only I’d had a “dummies guide to relationships” back then. It’s a good sign for you that there’s plenty of great info that you can get off the internet. Restoring trust and getting your wife back, that is.

Usually when guys make a big mistake it results in a breakup. Women take the breaking of trust far more seriously than men. But put the shoe on the other foot and imagine how you would feel if it was her cheating on you. It’s enough to make you shudder.

If “get my wife back” is foremost in your thoughts, you will need a plan of action to follow. Going it alone and declaring undying love for your ex will probably not do the trick. What exactly do you do then? This is where a good plan of action comes in handy.

The internet is a great thing; it allows people to write about their lives and experiences. This is what you are going to do, “lend” their expertise. Expertise of people who have gotten their ex back successfully. There is one particular system out there that’s managed to reunite twelve thousand people!

They are impressive numbers in anyone’s book. It seems that we (as human beings) all more or less work on the same emotions and psychological triggers. Learn how to push these psychological buttons and you will succeed nearly every time.

Your next course of action is to gather as much of these tips and tricks as you can. With that info you can start to put your plan together to get her back. It’s all out there somewhere on the net. Scattered far and wide. You need to go find it!

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… Getting her back should be your choice, not left to chance.