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Words To Encourage When Low


It is so easy for people who have shared similar experiences to establish a friendship

In most of the things that we go through it often feels like we are alone in our experinces. Talking to the people around you may help and you feel much better about letting it all out. Although it would be nicer to talk to someone who has at least been through an experience like yours rather than talk with just anyone.

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People who have shared a similar experience to you understand your situation much better and you can easily relate to them. Talking to someone who has never been in your shoes will likely get you the clichéd response that things are going to e fine

Someone who has been through similar experiences will not only give you words of encouragement but objective and sound advice as well. I recall one time after learning this concept I approached a friend of mine in a similar position as me for a shoulder to cry on. believe it or not it was more than tea that we ended up sharing, we managed a few good laughs and I wasn’t so worried anymore

you will get people who tell you that you should talk with a counselor, psychologist and I agree they are professionals but sometimes you just need to be around someone that is genuine you know. You need to hear things that are not taken from a manual or talk to someone who is not following a set of guidelines and rules. everyday words coming from a genuine person can be more uplifting than words from a text book.

You are able to look at your situation objectively and come up with possible solutions. Even though the problem may still be there just knowing that someone went thorough it and made it goes a long way.You will be in a position to appreciate that even the most painful experiences can be lived through.