Moonbirds Partners with Spotify to Enable NFT Music Unlocks

The integration of Spotify with NFT projects including Moonbirds has helped its stock rally more than 80 percent YTD. The Moonbirds (MOONBIRD), an Ethereum ERC-721 NFT token with a total supply of 10k units, has announced a strategic partnership with Spotify Technology S.A (NYSE: SPOT) to enable the NFT holders to unlock certain music creations … Read more

Recursive Introduces Omni Network via Eigen Layer to Enable Scalable and Interoperable DeFi on Various Rollups

The Omni network aims to enable use cases including cross-rollup stablecoins and other DeFi primitives that can aggregate liquidity from different Layer 2 rollups. Blockchain development firm Recursive introduced the Omni Network, a cross-rollup protocol built on the Ethereum restaking project Eigen Layer. The Omni network aims to be the first generalized cross-rollup infrastructure protocol … Read more

Mastercard Partners Australian Fintech Stables to Enable Stablecoin Payment

The collaboration between both entities to enhance USDC payment might attract some forms of skepticism owing to the Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) surrounding Circle, USDC, and the exposure to the three US banks that collapsed in the past week. American multinational financial services firm Mastercard Inc (NYSE: MA) has entered into a strategic partnership … Read more