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How To Make A Good First Impression At Your Front Door

The appearance of your house can be totally transformed by the selection of the door furniture you choose for your front door. Door furniture, as door knockers, letterboxes, and door handles are known, is very much a matter of personal choice. You should not rush into this decision, but give it careful thought.The large brass lion door knocker is not always the right choice.

Victorian doors really cry out for large door knockers. They do not necessarily have to be Victorian but they should be in keeping with the period. Modern, minimalistic door knockers do not cut it under these circumstances. Large ornate door knockers, especially lion head door knockers, work well in this situation. Brass door knockers fit very well here, although before you buy, you should consider that they will need polishing regularly to look their best.

If you are so inclined, you could look for a genuine Victorian door knocker. You can find these in a number of places – Archaelogical reclaim companies will have a selection, or you could look in Antique shops, or second hand shops. You might even get lucky and find one in a car boot sale.  If you cannot face the hassle of finding the genuine article, there are a number of companies which now produce very acceptable reproductions. It is really a matter of choice, and personal opinion, as to whether you can settle for new, or really need that genuine original.

Once you have decided upon your Door Knocker, you should try to match your door handle, letter box and even your key hole with it. This does not mean you have to settle on a victorian lock, just that the outer keyhole should follow the general look and not stand out too much as a modern addition.

There is a much larger choice of door knocker and matching door furniture if your door has a more modern style.You could opt for a simple bell push and forego the door knocker entirely though with some styles a large decorative modern door knocker may not look out of place. A lion head door knocker will always look elegant. Of couse, the same tenet applies, all your door furniture should follow the same general theme, otherwise your door ends up loking very strange.

Your own personal taste will always be the deciding factor. You could use it to emphasise a particular interest you have – there are door knockers shaped like aeroplanes or cars, and many other shapes. You could even have a custom design. Take time and think about it carefully before commiting hard cash to this very personal decision. Always remember that you only have one chance to make a first impression, and your front door is usually the first impression visitors have of you. Your uk door furniture provides that first impression