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Tips For Working in a Restaurant

David Artsmith  –  Working in the food service industry is a fun but challenging job. You are constantly moving, interacting with a wide variety of people, overcoming new and unique obstacles, and learning new things every single day. While it can be a lot of fun, it can also be ridiculously stressful and difficult. The following tips should help those who are interested in these fun and exciting careers.

First you have to look at your job professionally. You have to understand that your dealing with the public, and as such you may get rude customers. When dealing with large numbers of people, some bad ones are bound to turn up. The tools of your trade are place mats, drink coasters, napkins, and other culinary accessories.

What you have to remember is that the rude comments and nasty attitude are not directed at you. They are directed at the mask, the persona of “professional” which you wear over your real identity. This is a way of protecting yourself from hurtful comments and gestures. By being professional, you can let the mask take all of the dings and dents that come with working with unsavory people, leaving your real personality intact beneath.

Personal appearance and hygiene is also very important. Some people can be obsessive about the cleanliness of a restaurant theyre eating in. Being the face of the establishment, you have to present yourself in the most neat and respectable way possible. You should always strive to be clean and well groomed.

It gets very warm in kitchens, and most restaurants and bars are kept at a toasty temperature. Generally customers will just enjoy sitting there, and having something to eat. However for wait staff rushing around to do a million things, it can get a little swampy.

An undershirt can absorb some of the sweat if things get a little too warm. You should also put on a copious amount of under arm deodorant. You want to wear a deodorant which is both an antiperspirant, and scented. If you sweat copiously, you may want to consider using a hanky to keep yourself looking fresh.

Food service is all about being professional. You want people to see an image of perfection when they look at you. Hide your vulnerabilities behind a mask, and just roll with the punches.