Bybit Announces Exit from Canada Following Recent Regulatory Development

The Bybit exit from Canada the increasingly stringent crypto regulations enacted by Canada’s securities regulator. Bybit recently announced its exit from Canada due to recent regulatory developments in the North American nation. The Dubai-based crypto exchange said it is suspending its offerings to Canadian residents and exiting the country’s market today. Bybit’s departure from Canada … Read more

Laos Government Organizes Meeting on Blockchain 4.0 and Digital Economy Development

Laos has set up a committee to oversee legal compliance and draft appropriate legislation to prepare for the digital economy. A conference organized by the Laotian government on May 26, 2023, brought together national blockchain and Web3 experts. The meeting’s goal was to discuss the implementation of blockchain 4.0 in Laos’ economic sectors.  The conference … Read more

US Government and Tech CEOs Meet to Chart Safe Course for AI Development

The National Science Foundation also announced a $140 million investment in seven new AI research centers. The US government, through the office of Vice President Kamala Harris, met with CEOs of companies leading in AI development on May 4th. The meeting aimed to discuss the risks and potentials associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in light … Read more

Volkswagen to Launch First 100% EV Sedan and to Invest $1B in China’s EV Development

Prominent German automaker Volkswagen has announced plans to roll out its ID.7 EV across three continents within the next year.  Volkswagen appears set to stake its claim in China’s electric vehicle (EV) market by launching a higher-end car. The German motor vehicle manufacturer also plans to invest up to $1 billion to develop electric cars in China. … Read more

Chinese Regulators Publishes Guidelines for Development of ChatGPT-Like AI Products

Just like blockchain technology, the emergence of AI is relatively new and the laws governing such innovations are notably limited. Chinese regulators, particularly the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) have floated a new set of guidelines that will oversee the development of ChatGPT-like Artificial Intelligence (AI) products from its homegrown companies. As reported by CNBC, … Read more