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Biowashball -Washes Clothes Without Detergent

Biowashball is a unique product designed to get clothes clean without use of laundry powder or detergents. Instead of your usual laundry soap or liquid detergent, you place a non-toxic plastic ball in with your wash.

This flexible green ball is filled with small round micro spheres made of natural ceramics. The small ceramic spheres change the pH of the water the same way your detergent does, but without harmful chemicals.

Because it is hypoallergenic (no detergent or fragrances) you can safely use Biowashball in any washing machine. It treats grease, organic and chemical stains effectively, getting your wash bright and clean without leaving residues or dumping harmful chemicals into the water. it helps reduce allergies and protects the environment.

Biowashball works by altering the pH of the wash water, the same way laundry detergent does. Laundry powder or liquid detergent is quite alkaline, which is how it gets the clothes clean. But laundry powder and detergents have chemicals that may leave residues which cause irritation. They often have fragrance in them that can lead to allergic reactions. And they frequently contain phosphates which get into the groundwater.

How can you get your wash clean without these side-effects? Biowashball works by emitting negative ions, which weaken the adherence of dirt on fabric so that it is easily removed without the use of soap or detergent. It has a pH of about 10, which is equivalent to that of an ordinary chemical detergent. This pH level along with charged ions allows dirt and soil to be easily removed from clothing fabric during your machines regular wash cycle.  Since there is no use of detergent, the rinse cycle expels no pollutants from a detergent into the environment.

I first heard about Biowashball from a friend who prefers eco- friendly products. She began using it because it has no phosphates to pollute groundwater and harm the environment.

Over the past year Id been having skin irritation and increased allergy symptoms. It seemed to come from the residue my laundry detergent was leaving in my clothes and giving me symptoms. I tried several different brands, including the ones that were supposed to be pure. Even these were irritating my skin and my allergies were getting worse. My friend recommended I try the Biowashball because it doesnt leave soap residue in clothes. But I was skeptical. How could you get clothes clean without soap or detergent?

The first load of wash convinced me. Biowashball left the clothes and sheets smelling clean and fresh, with no left-in residue that could cause irritation or allergy symptoms. Not only that, I was saving money.

Maybe you feel like I did, constantly using up your supplies and then having to go out and buy more laundry powder or detergent, bleach and fabric softeners. But you can forget all that with Biowashball, you just add the ball to each wash and let it go to work. Its good for up to three years of laundry, and you can save up to $500 a year.

After I found out how great this product was, I went to Natural Cleaner Online and picked up another Biowashball for my son. Hes transferring from community college to an out-of-state college and wont be able to come home weekends to do his laundry.

I have my own washer and dryer. But for students, travelers, and people who use laundromats or apartment complex machines, Biowashball is really a dream come true. People can trade heavy, bulky detergent, bleach and fabric softeners for one little ball that keeps their wash clean, saves them lots of money, and is good for the environment too.

They know about it in Europe and Asia, but its new in the United States. Check out this eco-friendly cleaning product here.

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