ChatGPT Creator OpenAI Considers EU Departure Over Stringent Regulations

OpenAI CEO warns of potential exit from Europe if the firm fails to meet regulatory requirements for the forthcoming AI rules. OpenAI, the brains behind the famous and controversial artificial intelligence (AI) ChatGPT, said Wednesday that it might consider leaving Europe if it faces challenges complying with the upcoming AI regulations in the region. Based … Read more

Wise Shares Impacted by Management Shakeups Including Pending Departure of Eight-Year CFO

Wise saw its shares dip Monday after management announced that long-serving CFO Matt Briers would leave the company early next year.  Shares of British fintech firm Wise (LON: WISE) slipped 4% on news of CFO Matt Briers’ resignation next year. The London-based company’s stock slide also comes amid reports of CEO Kristo Kaarman’s paternity leave which begins in September. … Read more

Fox Corp Loses Nearly $1B Announcing Tucker Carlson Departure 

Fox Corporation stock suffered a massive dent in value less than a day after announcing the departure of longtime TV host Tucker Carlson.  Shares of Fox Corporation (NASDAQ: FOXA) declined 5% on Monday following Tucker Carlson’s exit. The mass media company previously announced that Carlson was leaving the Fox News network for his involvement in a string of controversies. … Read more