Astra Seeks Deadline Extension from Nasdaq to Avoid Delisting

In addition to seeking the grace period from Nasdaq, Astra also mentioned a possessive reverse stock split. Rocket launch startupĀ Astra SpaceĀ (NASDAQ: ASTR) has drawn a plan to avoid a delisting from the Nasdaq. The stock trading platform gave the small rocket builder a deadline to exceed a share price level of $1 or face removal. … Read more

MtGox Creditors to Wait as Repayment Deadline Gets Postponed

After months of waiting and the most recent hope that repayment will start trickling in for MtGox creditors, the wait is now billed to be elongated by approximately one month. As detailed in an announcement pushed out by the defunct trading platform, the core deadlines for the rehabilitation plans as well as the repayment deadline … Read more

EU Calls for Acceleration of Crypto Capital Rules for Banks Ahead of Global Deadline

The regulations could also include required provisions on Bitcoin, stablecoins, and other crypto assets. The European Union (EU) Executive is calling for accelerated implementation of strict crypto capital rules for financial institutions with crypto assets in the awaiting banking law. The executive emphasized the approaching deadline agreed upon, adding that Europe needs to make its … Read more