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Understanding the Causes of Hemorrhoids

Many factors contribute to causing hemorrhoids, and all of them have a role in one way or the other in this condition.  Learning the causes of hemorrhoids is a great way to prepare one’s self to treat and eliminate hemorrhoids if they appear.
The first step is to understand what constitutes a hemorrhoid.  Everyone has these but do not know about their existence until they become a problem and a headache.  A hemorrhoid simply put is a swollen vein in the rectal or anal region. These can be either inside (internal) or outside (external), with most people suffering from the external variety.
One of the causes of hemorrhoids is straining your self when using the bathroom. When you push to hard you’re applying to much pressure on the veins in your anal canal or rectum. So by not forcing yourself to make a bowl movement you can eliminate the pressure on the veins and keep your hemorrhoids at normal size. Other factors that will increase the pressure on the veins are sitting for long periods of times, constipation or diarrhea, obesity, being pregnant, and anal sex. By not sitting for long periods of time you will relieve the pressure on your rectum. If you do have to sit for a long time it’s best to get up every chance you have and walk around. This will briefly take the pressure off your rectum veins.
Old age is another cause of hemorrhoids.  The veins in one’s anal canal get weaker with age and become irritated.  Unfortunately old age cannot be as easily avoided as other factors.
The causes of hemorrhoids that you can avoid by making certain changes in your lifestyle are obesity, sex, and of course constipation. It is basically common sense; you don’t want to practice anal sex if you have hemorrhoids! Also if you keep your weight to the appropriate class for your height and built you can avoid having hemorrhoids. If you are able to eat healthy you will have soft stool and won’t hurt yourself straining to use the restroom and cause yourself hemorrhoids.
Another one of the main causes of hemorrhoids is medications. There are certain medications out today that will cause you to become constipated and this leads to added pressure on the veins in the rectum. If you are prone to get hemorrhoid flare ups easy then you want to avoid medicines that cause constipation. For pain I would recommend using plain Tylenol. Most of all your pain killers will cause constipation. This is why most doctors wont prescribe pain killers for hemorrhoids because they do more damage than good.
Learning how to treat the causes of hemorrhoids will help someone keep these painful occurrences under control; as with many other health-related issues, a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods will help immensely, as will regular exercise and lots of fluids taken in daily.  By doing this, and the other tasks mentioned in this article, a person can rid him or herself from this painful and uncomfortable condition known as hemorrhoids.
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How to Shrink Hemorrhoids

Many people all over the world want to know how to shrink hemorrhoids without having to ask this question to a doctor. Many are embarrassed by this condition and therefore have a tendency to just simply ignore the situation. Let me be the first to tell you if you already don’t know ignoring hemorrhoids won’t make them just magically disappear!
If you want to experience lasting relief from this condition, then you need to learn how to shrink hemorrhoids.  These painful occurrences are swollen veins in the anal canal or rectal region.  Every year they cause rectal bleeding, itching, discomfort, and severe pain to millions around the world, especially in the most severe cases.  By learning how to shrink hemorrhoids, these unwanted symptoms can go away.
If you have swollen hemorrhoids toilet paper isn’t good to use. When you use toilet paper to write it irritates the hemorrhoids causing friction and more heat to the already swollen hot hemorrhoids. By switching to non-scented wipes or moist toilettes you can cool the affected area and prevent less friction when wiping. Always use non-scented wipes since most of your scented wipes uses perfumes that can cause even more irritation. Some of the over the counter brands of creams also manufactures medicated wipes to use to affectively clean the area after using the restroom.
Another affective way to learn how to shrink hemorrhoids is to ice them up! You can make your hemorrhoids shrink by putting ice on them daily. It’s recommended that you apply ice to the area 2-3 times a day for 10 minutes at a time. The cold temperature will reduce the swelling and will shrink them.
Ice is better used if you apply heat after using the ice. By switching from ice to heat back and forth the hemorrhoids will shrink faster and will most of the pain immediately. This is a common method when learning how to shrink hemorrhoids and is used by almost everyone who has hemorrhoids today.
Learning how to shrink hemorrhoids is easy when using this next method I’m going to tell you. I call it bath and go to bed! You will make the hemorrhoids shrink by bathing in a sitz bath. A sitz bath is the best way to shrink hemorrhoids. It will work better if you are able to bath in it for 20 minutes and then go to bed and stay in bed for 1 day. It’s a small sacrifice but worth it considering the pain and discomfort you’ll relief fast. By taking 1 days rest you take all the pressure off the veins that are swollen and irritated and will shrink the hemorrhoids really fast. Some have done this to find out that when they finally do get out of bed they feel find and have no more problems for a while. See when you walk everyday and sit on the veins your adding pressure to the veins. This added pressure builds up and over time causes hemorrhoids. So by using all the methods above with the added rest you’ll be able to get rid of them for good!
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