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Cuisinart Griddler : The New Improved Design

Cuisinart Griddler : All Purpose Grill

For the Cuisinart Griddler, the most popular style is the GR 4 that has since been changed with a more modern model, the GR 4N. Though this griddler appears to be similar to the older Cuisinart GR4 griddler, there are a few advancements which make the newest style a lot better.

Integrated Drip Tray
An apparent good thing about the Cuisinart griddler GR 4N could be the built-in drip tray that catches the grease without forcing you to regularly shift the grease-catching drip cups of the former Cuisinart Griddler GR-4 griddler.

These the drip cup of the older style needed to be placed within the griddle in each and every use. It was quite simple to leak the content of the cup in error or just spot it in the completely wrong position. These troubles can simply be prevented when using the integrated grease catcher belonging to the enhanced Cuisinart griddler GR-4N.

Reversible Set of Plates
The initial G4 had 2 sets of plates – 1 flat set, 1 ridged set (for paninis). There is now just one reversible pair of plates (ridged on one side, flat on the other), and as a consequence no need to find a safe-keeping spot for the plates not being used.

Simple to use
It was once a little confusing to put the plates in position and to remove them. There was clearly also a difference among the top plate and the bottom, which means you needed to be watchful not to attempt to place them in the completely wrong manner. In the Cuisinart griddler GR-4N however, there is a let go button that will simplifies the task of handling the cooking plates. On top of that, the plates are similar so every single plate can certainly squeeze in both side of the unit.

Overall, Griddler Cuisinart will be the all purpose grill and also or maybe griddle machine it is essential to improve your family’s day-to-day dining experience, most especially on Sundays plus holidays. And the 3 year warrantee protection is really a genuine benefits. It truly is quick, easy to wash and good costed. Many of the disadvantages of an old model have been dealt with while the level of quality of the product remains very high. 5-in-1 integrated features makes it possible for all of this appliance to be used not only as a sandwich grill, but as 4 additional kitchen appliances also.