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Simply Sweet Cricut Cartridge By Provocraft

Girls who are into creating scrapbooks can now enjoy a wider selection of letters, numbers, and unique characters from the Merely Sweet Cricut cartridge, a font cartridge made by Provo Craft. This package consists of the complete set of the English alphabet, numbers, the most commonly employed punctuation marks, icons, and phrases. Aside from that, you will discover also specialized phrased icons included in the cartridge like “Merry Christmas,” “Congrats,” “Just since,” along with a lot extra. Such package will be of fun and a terrific help to people who are fond of scrapbooking and making greeting cards and paper designs.

Merely Sweet has comparatively minimalistic design than the other cartridges. They are for individuals who take pleasure in performing straightforward scrapbooks utilizing simply-cut letters and numbers. Users can apply their cut outs for labeling baby books or creating, for example, miniature alphabet books for small youngsters.

When it comes to projects that can be made utilizing this cartridge, you’ll find endless possibilities. For scrapbooking alone, this cartridge’s strength lies in it’s simplicity making it able to be used for numerous various projects and crafts. It could be employed also for straightforward, yet elegant greeting cards and stunning designs. On the other hand, they can also fit hipper and trendier designs. These shapes, letters and icons can nonetheless perfectly be matched with designs from the other cartridges inside the Cricut line.

The Basically Sweet Cartridge includes a number of basic shapes such as a circle, a heart, a square, a flower, a heart, a butterfly, a star, and some baby icons. This can be a mixture of diverse emblems and images, mostly those which are commonly utilized and seen in everyday life. People who already have experience utilizing this cartridge have attested to the usefulness of all letters, numbers, and shapes that this package gives since according to them, “These are what we basically will need(cricut).”

Cricut Crafts! A Creative Way To Enjoy Arts And Crafts

If one of your great loves in life is arts and homemade projects, there exists a new dream product thats going to put in a great deal of piquancy for your projects! Cricut Crafts has just made your creative undertakings that much easier to obtain. This groundbreaking product has just made the challenging task of cutting outdated with one simple machine. Fear not, disposable Cricut blades make this device razor-sharp and whole whenever you need it!The main Cricut machine is an automated cutter machine that will carry out various creative projects by using the touch of a single button! Cricut Crafts equipment have cartridges with a multitude of layouts that one could choose from ranging from inventive designs, words and figures. It is a stand-alone machine that you just plug in for use, your personal computer is not required! If you want to include an individual feel to your holiday and birthday bags, Cricut Crafts will do exactly that for you. You may design customized cards and gift totes with font sizes that range from One all the way to 5, to make any project just fantastic! Seasonal cartridges are also available together with customized phrases for making your individual of preference really feel special. For those who have children that adore animals, this could be an ideal creative craft option to bring a grin to their faces. The Cricut is not only light-weight, but compact so you can bring it to your close friend?s house to have an entire day of enjoyment. The way Cricut crafts work is by applying your cartridge, paper choice, and font, push cut and Bam !! Its as simple as that. Rather than wearing out both hands and looking to acquire that ideal cut, hand it over to the Cricut blades to get a stunning and precise bit of customized art. The cutting mat for the original Cricut is a dimension of 6 by Twelve.

For the ultimate cutting tool, a great choice for you would be the Cricut expression. The Cricut blades with the expression accommodate a cutting pad of Twelve by Twelve that is just the thing for redecorating documents. If you’d like to go a great deal larger, it may also cater to Twelve by Twenty-four! The bigger pad options can give you endless options from wall decorations of your child’s favorite cartoon character of varied sizes to jumbo customized cards. These Circuit blades as well as pads may also be an incredible option for school projects and presentations. The Cricut expression also provides a quantity feature. So instead of physically slicing one following on from the other merely put in how many you need of each and every piece! There’s a portrait function that provides an ability to take advantage of the entire 24 of paper. Just because this device has numerous capabilities, don’t fret thinking Cricut Crafts is difficult to work with. Every feature is available at the touch of a button and numerous features can be utilized at the same time. Arts and crafts have never been so easy! Forget about hard to deal with, uncomfortable, scissors. Hand it over to the methods of the Cricut blades to get a beautiful slice. Cricut cartridges work with the original machine as well as the expression. According to the type of project you are doing. Standard things you can design are  cricut cards, diaper cakes, billboard signs and school projects. Your creativity is the restriction of what you can create. You can visit  www.cricutcards.net; to locate all of the cricut products you need for a cheap price price.

Wild Card Cricut Cartridge – 7 Tips It Is Possible To Use Right Now

The Wild Card Cricut cartridge is the ideal cartridge for any new or experienced cricut user. The cartridge has one singular focus and that’s cards. Although some may perhaps feel that makes the Wild Card cartridge one-dimensional and far from versatile, take a look at the Wild Card Cricut Cartridge – 7 Tips You’ll be able to Use Right now and see just how much you may produce, personalize and accomplish with this incredible tool.

Wild Card Cricut Cartridge – 7 Tips You’ll be able to Use Right now

1. Initial things initial, get a load of those cards! This cartridge is an absolute dream for those paper crafters who completely love personalizing and embellishing their own cards. You can find designs for just about everything, as you are about to read.
2. Yet another useful tip is to stick to the basics and go from there as the collection of designs and alternatives might be a bit overwhelming. The cartridge features designs which are simple also as those are slightly additional complex. Regardless of the design, the end product is going to be nothing short of stunning, as it’s your own personal creation.
3. With a touch of a button, you are able to simply produce cards for such events like: weddings, babies on the way, graduation, new homes, holidays, birthdays, and far more! You’ll never have to waste a cent on those cookie cutter store bought cards again.
4. Every card comes with accompanying phrases, icons and accents for convenient embellishing. This makes it infinitely simpler to personalize cards to fit both your tastes and that of the recipients.
5. After you might have acquainted yourself with the cartridge, feel totally free to mix and match the designs! Don’t get bogged down by the method! Instead, let out your inner Wild Card wild child and mix and match as you please. It really is amazing how numerous crazy combinations you are able to make with this creative tool.
6. Although this cartridge is all about the cards, users can also expand the design with a little creativity and ingenuity. Use the templates to produce albums, place cards, cake toppers, personalized DVD cases and extra!
7. Take full advantage of the unique features to turn your personalized creations into items which will be kept for a lifetime. Features include: frame, phrase, icon, liner, blackout, and alphabet.

Cards are meant to be sentimental and although all are generally created for some sentimental purpose, not all are necessarily from the heart, specially those from a store. Adding your own finishing touch and style makes every card exclusive for both the occasion along with the recipient. Use these useful ideas and give your friends, family and loved ones some thing totally unique, personal and wonderfully quirky with the aid of the Wild Card Cricut Cartridge.

Product Review Of The Life Is A Beach Cricut Cartridge

Cricut Cartridge Review for Life Is a Beach

What do you believe of whenever you hear the word summer? I feel of the beach and ocean. And this Life Can be a Beach Cricut cartridge is all about summer and having fun for me.

With this cartridge you may go from having pineapple umbrella cocktails to going scuba diving off of a cruise ship, building sandcastles to collecting sea shells. Life’s A Beach cartridge has it all. With this cartridge you can take pleasure in all of the cool things you love about the beach and summer time, and all the things you love about scrapbooking and card making from the comforts of your own home!

The new Life can be a Beach cricut cartridge is totally packed with the alphabet and numbers created in a Polynesian Tiki style, to fun shapes of smiling turtles and crabs to stunning designs of bamboo plants, birds of paradise and hibiscus flowers and so lots of a lot more ocean shapes that can bring the tropical sun and beauty to any scrapbook, greeting card or project you’ll be able to imagine!

How fun would it would be to decorate your family room or outside porch so that it would really feel like a day at the beach daily. You’ll be able to do this you know by utilizing the Life is really a Beach Cricut cartridge with either making use of the cricut vinyl to cut out shapes or by making a stencil and stenciling these fun shapes on your walls, or even on the cement floors, flower pots or curtains using stenciling paint.

Now you are able to make seriously cool party invitations making use of the “title words” feature and cutting out the PARTY title that has a pineapple umbrella drink attached?
Wish to talk about fun and simple? I just finished making forty invitations for a dear friend’s retirement party utilizing the Life’s a Beach Cricut cartridge. I was completed in no time at all.

Are you going on a cruise, or have pictures from a past cruise that are still in a box? Well this is the ideal cartridge to design cruising scrapbook pages. They even have the cruise ship, ship charms, borders along with the feature “Title Words” that says Bon Voyage with a cruise ship attached. How cool is that.

Remember that you’ll be able to cut letter and shape sizes up to 5.5 on the Cricut Machine and 23 inches on the Cricut Expression. This cartridge works with all Cricut die cutting machines. And when you already own the Cricut Design Studio, you may preview all of the great features. But I am warning you, you might be going to like what you see, so just buy it and begin having fun.

Now that the summer is winding down, children back in school, you’ll have the ability to go by way of all those pictures that you took on your vacation or day trips to the beach or lake, or even your child playing in a sand box, and begin scrapbooking. The possibilities are endless along with the ocean and beach are the limit with this really fun inside the sun cricut cartridge Life is a Beach.

Features of the Cricut Machine

Do you have a Cricut machine? If you answered no, then you really should consider why not? For scrappers, crafters, anyone planning parties or gatherings or if you just want scrapbooking embellishments, these little devices are the perfect die cut machine for creating amazing letters, shapes, and so many other embellishments. There are a few different varieties of the Cricut machine, some which are perfect for hobbyists and then others that rival any commercial grade die cut machine.

The smaller Cricut machine, the Personal Electronic Cutter machine, works well for hobbyists. It can create hundreds of letters and designs that come in sizes from one inch to over five inches! Obviously any hobbyist or crafter would love to have such a machine, and it would make a perfect gift for anyone. Larger Cricut machines, like the Expression or the Create machine, are great for those more serious about their die cut projects whether they be for scrapbook albums or party decorations. They are also great for teachers to use for classroom decorations, as well as being perfect for parents who homeschool their children! The 12×24 inch mat can be used to make shapes and letters up to 2 feet large! Imagine the beautiful letters, banners, decorations, centerpieces, and other items you could get with a Cricut machine like that.

When you purchase additional cartridges for your Cricut machine you’ll have even more choices of die cuts available. You can even buy cartridges that have many licensed characters like Hello Kitty, Disney and Sesame Street. Imagine what fun the kids would have creating their own Hello Kitty characters and shapes or cutting out their favorite Disney and Pixar characters as well! And for the grownups there are home décor shapes available for a Cricut machine, as well as many perfect for other scrapbook pages. These include beach scenes, sports, holidays, wedding, and even indie art that includes skills, guitars, and flames. No matter what kind of craft or scrapbook project you are working on, you’ll find something just right for it with cricut expression machine!

Once you have designed your pages with your Cricut machine, you can also use covers and binders that will be perfect for your scrapbook albums. Your cricut die cutting machine couldn’t be more versatile.

If you can get a Cricut machine, consider it an investment for your hobby that will last a lifetime. The variety of die cuts and shapes available is nearly endless, and you are sure to enjoy it for many years to come!