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Lego Batman Games On DS, Nintendo Wii Or PSP3

{If you are|If you’re|In case you are|Should you be|If you happen to be} {wondering|curious about|thinking about} {what|exactly what|which games|what console games} {your kids|your children|the kids|kids} {are going to be|will be|will probably be|will likely be} {playing|enjoying|using|wanting} this Christmas, the Lego Batman game {is already|is|is still} {a favorite|popular|a hit|as popular as ever}. {Kids|Children} love Lego {and the|so the} fact {they can|they are able to} {combine|mix} {their favorite|their best} toy with their number one superhero is really a recipe for success. This Lego game can be found in numerous versions suitable for a Nintendo Wii, DS or Playstation so make sure you get the right one based on the console you already own.

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So what is the Batman Lego game supposed to be about? Whatever the platform used i.e. Wii, DS or Playstation, the basics are identical. The game play is set in Gotham City in which Batman and Robin are battling to return the villains to the asylum. They have to struggle through the ocean, land and air in various Batmobiles including the stealthy Batwing. It’s important to assemble some things and work out a variety of puzzles to obtain special powers and so on. There’s no need to be an expert on the Batman story either. This console game, in contrast to Lego Star Wars or Lego Indiana Jones does not adhere to the movie script.

Each stage needs to be played 2 times, once in story mode and once in free play. In story mode, you will get to unlock different figures which you then use to play during the free play mode. Once in free play you get to work out puzzles and release add-ons. Additionally you can construct vehicles and weaponry to use when fighting your foes. The figures have unique movements and there are many different aspects of the game so you or your kids are not going to lose interest playing. Small children may have difficulties a bit using the actions although with some help they should be fine. Most will appreciate that contrary to other Wii console games you won’t have to start again should you die but simply drop coins.

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Despite the fact that we like to believe kids like the goodies, it is fair to say they can love playing the baddies equally as much if not more. With this video game you can actually play from either side i.e. they could be Batman or Robin or some might prefer to be one of the bad guys such as Joker, Catwoman or Penguin.

The Lego Batman game may be played either by yourself or with friends for extra fun. If you feel stuck on a stage and can’t find your way out you can find video tutorials online with solutions. It can be fun trying to solve the puzzles all by yourself however often it gets a little annoying. Needless to say if you would like cheat your way through the Lego Batman game you can get plenty of clues to help you do this but that actually ruins the pleasure of this great game.

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